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Customize your SimpliSafe System

Whole home protection starts with a Base Station and Keypad—they’re required to make the system work. From there, it’s easy. Personalize your system with the HD cameras, advanced sensors, and sirens you want for your unique home. And don’t worry, you can always add more products later if needed. Your system will arrive in less than a week. We’ll walk you through the setup on the SimpliSafe App, or you can select professional installation.

Required with your system

Base Station (Transparent)

Base Station

The brains of the system. Built with a backup battery in case of a power outage. Just plug it in to start protecting.

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Keypad (Transparent)


Arm your home with one touch. Plus, there's a hidden panic button in case of an emergency.

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Choose your Burglary Sensors

3 products
Entry Sensor (Transparent)

Entry Sensor

Protects your doors and windows. Works with any door or window.

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Motion Sensor (Transparent)

Motion Sensor

Covers an entire room. Get at least one for a main room or hallway. Gets along great with pets.

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Glassbreak Sensor (Transparent)

Glassbreak Sensor

Perfectly calibrated. Picks up the sound of a smashed window. Not smashed plates.

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Choose your Cameras

2 products

Choose your Hazard Sensors

3 products

Optional Add-Ons

6 products

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