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"Best Home Security of 2022"

“The Best Home Security System”

The Verge's Review

39,147+ reviews

“… SimpliSafe belongs at the top of your list”


"Best overall home security system 2021"


"One of the best DIY security systems just got better."

"Best Home Security Brand for 2021"


8,000+ reviews

“Best overall home security system 2021”


“This is one I’m hearing a lot about now. You don’t have to drill anything.”

Super Service Award

"…the Glassbreak Sensors can tell the difference between a window being broken and a smashed plate, while the Motion Sensors are tuned for detecting humans, ignoring pets in the process."

350,000+ fans

"Best overall home security systems of 2021"


"SimpliSafe delivers just what its name promises: a simple-to-install, simple-to-operate security system that can effectively protect your home."


“…boasts a cellular and Wi-Fi connection for added peace of mind, along with a backup battery capable of running for 24 hours.”

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