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Home and Away Mode 101

Homes need different things at different times. Winter? Heat on, windows closed. Summer? Fan on, windows wide open. Your home is flexible enough to handle all kinds of situations, with a little help. Your SimpliSafe is flexible, too. No one's home? Put your system in Away Mode to lock everything down. People cozy inside? Time for Home Mode! It protects the perimeter but makes sure you don't trigger the alarm.

How SimpliSafe Protects Your Home From Hackers

SimpliSafe is the right security system for stopping burglars Nothing is more important to us than your safety. We protect our own families with SimpliSafe, and truly believe that our home security system offers outstanding protection against real-world dangers.

A Message to our Customers About Coronavirus

This post contains the latest updates on all SimpliSafe news related to COVID-19 (coronavirus). Communities around the globe are working to mitigate the spread and impact of coronavirus, and SimpliSafe’s hometown of Boston is no exception. As health policies and guidelines are updated, we will adapt in order to keep our customers safe. We will continue protecting you 24/7 with alarm monitoring and emergency responses to fire, carbon monoxide, intrusion, and medical emergencies.

UPDATE: Keychain Remote USB Security Update

IMPORTANT UPDATE: With Adobe Flash discontinued, we are no longer able to update keychains as the remote’s software is no longer operational. However, the remote will still work to arm and disarm your system, as well as trigger the panic button. You can also contact customer support to upgrade to our new SimpliSafe system that does not require use of the Keychain Remote USB.

5 Tips to Make Moving Easier

Moving is chaotic. There’s a lot to get done, and a lot to organize. But with a little foresight, it doesn’t have to be a hectic affair. Here are five helpful tips you can use to ease your transition from one home to another. 1. Prepare to handle with care

The 4 Best Times to Change Your Door Locks

When was the last time you changed your locks? You're probably due for a visit from the locksmith. Your home security will thank you.

Moving Soon? Here's a Guide to Protect Your Valuables

Moving is chaotic. There’s a lot to get done. A lot to organize. And on top of that, thieves take advantage of movers. Nothing says “Valuables in here!” like a big moving truck. So if you’re moving soon, here are some helpful tips you can use to protect and keep track of all of your things. And be sure to give SimpliSafe a call to let us know if you're moving at 1 (888) 692-0229.

SimpliSafe for Seniors: Keeping Mom and Dad Safe

We don't need to tell you that you want to protect your family, but sometimes your family isn't all under one roof. Have you considered SimpliSafe for your parents?

Securing Your Vacation Home

Do you have a second home that's empty for most of the year? How do you know what's going on when you're not there? Read SimpliSafe's tips to protecting your vacation home.

Safety for Cyclists: Tips for Biking Safely

Safety isn't limited to your home. And though your Base Station might not fit on your bicycle, we've compiled some SimpliSafe-approved bike safety tips for you!