5 Tips to Make Moving Easier

Posted April 1st, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Ahh, moving. The excitement of a new place, the urge to purge old junk, and saying goodbye to a chapter of life. Moving can be a stressful experience but with a little planning, it doesn’t have to be. Check out some helpful tips below to reduce the chaos that is often associated with transitioning from one home to another. 

1. Prepare to handle with care

Own a precious vase? Is your TV your pride and joy? Make sure to keep the packaging for fragile and expensive items so you don’t have to fret about them in the move. Bubble wrap, begone! Just slide your items back into its fitted compartment. Worried about packing your SimpliSafe Home Security System? Don’t be! We’ll send you brand new product boxes for free!

2. Make your most useful belongings accessible

The last thing you want after moving into a new place is to have to dig through a jumble of belongings to find the stuff you need right away, such as clothes or cookware. So when packing, make sure you tuck away your home essentials somewhere easily accessible. A folding table that you can pop up to eat on or use a computer is awesome to have at your disposal — disassembled TV wall unit, not so much.

3. What goes up must come down

Whether it's your favorite piece of art or your kid’s band poster stuck to the wall with putty or tape, remove everything from the walls slowly. When you put everything back up in your new home, use inexpensive, versatile command strips! Have command strips in your current home? Check out the gif below to see how to safely remove them. In need of some more for your SimpliSafe system? We can send you 3M Command Adhesive strips at no cost!

4. Check in with your insurance agent

Most of your items are likely insured when in your home, but are they insured for transport? Call your insurance agent to verify or change your plan, especially if working with a moving company. Knock two things off your to-do list by helping your agent change your address and discuss the best insurance plan for your new home. By the way, did you know by owning and operating a home security system (like SimpliSafe), you could be eligible for a discount on home insurance? Ask your agent if they are one of our partners!

5. Update your address info

You don’t want important documents to end up in the wrong place, so update your billing and mailing address for any and all services — including SimpliSafe! Having your new address saved in a document to copy and paste over makes it easy. And of course, put home services on hold during the moving process.

If you are planning to relocate, just press the “I’m Moving” button under Plan + Billing in your SimpliSafe app or give us a call at (888) 692-0229 for additional assistance. We make every effort to ease your transition and can provide many materials and services for free.