Business Security System Basics

Posted November 21st, 2022 by SimpliSafe

While business security can come in many forms -- such as cybersecurity, as a means of protecting your customers’ personal data -- there are also physical security systems that are important to invest in. Any business that operates in any capacity in brick and mortar, needs to think about securing their business using a security system. But, knowing how to go about this can be a bit challenging. 

Here are the basics of business security systems to help you get started on your business security journey. 

What is Business Security?

Business security is any method of security in place in order to prevent thieves from potentially stealing from the business premise. And, as theft methods become more sophisticated, businesses need to put their best foot forward. But, businesses can therefore implement a variety of different security methods in order to help prevent stealing. Business security can come in the form of protocols, staff training, and ultimately, equipment/security systems. 

The Difference Between Business Security and Home Security

In some cases, home security systems are not as complex as business security systems. In protecting your home, you may just choose to customize your security system as you see fit, and add on to it (or, takeaway), depending on your comfort level, what you're willing to invest, etc. 

But, business security generally requires the owner to put in the most comprehensive system possible (within a budget) in order to protect workers, customers, and of course, the valuables inside. Insurance policies may require you to have a certain level of security in place as well. 

Unlike a home security system, though, your business security system may require -- in addition to security equipment and professional monitoring:

  • A security officer (i.e., CSO)

  • Emergency plans

  • Regular security audits

  • Security training for employees

  • Regular security checks

  • A safe to store valuables

  • Clearly marked entrances and exits, including emergency exits

The Importance of Business Security Systems

One can only imagine all the reasons that business security systems are important. This is because though there is a lot at stake when it comes to protecting your home, a home is a lot easier to mitigate protection overall. 

But, with a business, there is more at stake just in terms of all there is to protect and what could be at stake in terms of financial loss if you don’t have the right security systems in place. With business security systems, you can essentially reduce the amount of potential loss accrued from liability, insurance, compensation and other payouts that could be required as a result of a break-in, which may have been avoided altogether with the help of a security system. 

How Do Business Security Systems Work?

Business security systems work like any other security system to protect people and assets inside and around the premises. Any security system or device that’s used for this purpose -- even protecting computers where sensitive data may be held -- can be part of what a business security system protects. 

Generally, a business security system may have alarms that are triggered to send an alert to the owner of the system and/or the authorities as soon as it is tripped (for instance, a panic button behind the glass at a bank, jewelry store, or convenience store). It may also have more discreet devices that record activity in and around the premises, in case there is less obvious criminal activity taking place (i.e., shoplifting). 

What’s Included in a Business Security System

Like a home security system, a business security system can be customized according to your preference (which is easier to do if you go with a DIY, no-contract system). Some features of a business security system include:

  • Motion sensors

  • Proper lighting

  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras

  • Heat sensors

  • Access lock systems

  • Panic buttons

These are just some of the features of a business security system. But, as mentioned above, it’s critical to also have programs, staff, experts, and training in place to ensure an all around approach to security, with everyone working at the business on the same page.

Here at SimpliSafe, we offer all the above and more. And, if you need help understanding what to look for in a business security system, we can answer your questions.