Travel Tips: Protect Your Home While You’re Away this Summer

Posted June 7th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Phew! Everything on your pre-vacation to-do list is complete. With your last work email sent and bags packed, it’s time to relax and take that well deserved break.

But first, take a moment to ask yourself: what have I done to ensure that my home will be secure? It’s worth the peace of mind on your long-awaited vacation when you arrange a few extra security measures while you’re away. 

Lock up! 

This one is a no-brainer. Of course it’s easy to remember obvious entry points like your front door, however, it’s important to think creatively. Make sure all ground-level windows are locked and secured, along with your garage and side or backdoors. 

In the case that one rogue window remains unlocked, our entry sensors will alert you (or your secondary contact) immediately that it was opened.  

Speaking of locking up, invest in a safe if you don’t already have one! Lock away important papers, cash, jewelry, or other valuable items for extra protection. 

Ask a neighbor, family member, or friend for help

Another dead giveaway: A pile of packages and a mountain of envelopes spilling out of your mailbox! If you have someone you can trust, ask them to swing by your house every couple of days to collect your mail. That way, your porch is clear and your mind is at ease knowing your home is being looked after. 

This opens another door (no pun intended)... what about spare keys?

Avoid hiding your spare key

Hiding a spare key under a mat or rock can be easily found by a burglar. Even with a home security system, it’s still a bad idea. 

Remove physical keys from the equation and level up your security by using additional PINs. If you own a SimpliSafe system, you can create multiple pins for multiple visitors like your neighbor collecting mail or your pet sitter stopping in to feed your cat. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that each person entering your home has a secret, custom code. 

Don’t post on social media

We get it, going on vacation is fun! It’s natural to want to share your adventures on social media. However, checking into the airport on Facebook or posting pictures of you and your family enjoying a sunset on Instagram hundreds of miles away is an easy invite for burglars to target your home. It’s safest to share your memories privately one you’ve returned home safely. 

Another preventative measure to consider: turn off all geotags and make sure your sharing settings are switched to “private” or “Friends Only.” 

Set up a home security system

Did you know that only 25% of Americans have a home security system, and 40% use nothing at all to protect themselves and their families? 

Don’t be in that 40%.  SimpliSafe is easy to set up without ever sacrificing your security. With 24/7 professional monitoring, you will have high priority police dispatch when an alarm is triggered, unlimited camera recordings, and fire, floor, and extreme temperature monitoring.

Now that your home is secure, get on that plane

Safe Travels! 

-Your Friends at SimpliSafe