How Landscaping Can Increase Your Home Security

Posted September 22nd, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Homeowners, listen up: landscaping matters. Not just for aesthetics, but it can be an instrumental tool in preventing a crime before it can even happen. Here are a couple of tips to keep your lawn in tip-top condition while keeping your home safe.

Open fencing

If you are considering fencing your home, use open fencing like chain link or iron. As opposed to large shrubbery lining your lawn that can worsen sight lines, this method makes your property lines clear and provides a line of vision. If you do have shrubbery and/or trees, make sure to keep them trimmed!

Use convex mirrors

Ever notice these mirrors at a blind intersection while you’re driving? Well, they are just as practical for your home. 

Convex, or curved, mirrors have a reflective surface that bulges toward a light source. In other words, it provides a wider field of view. In addition to security cameras, this simple device helps visualize blind spots whether you want to see around the corner before stepping onto the patio, or help you see who’s on the side of the house as you pull into your garage.

Good outdoor lighting 

While most burglaries happen during the day, it’s beneficial to have some light on your home at night for your safety. Good outdoor lighting that lines walkways, stairs, and the front door can help deter burglars from the get-go. If that doesn’t work, your neighbors will likely take notice if they see an unfamiliar visitor creeping around your yard, unable to avoid the light. 

Installing a home security system 

While these preventative measures are worth the investment, a home security system will always bring the safety to the next level. 

At Simplisafe, our packages allow you to choose the right option for you and your home that you can install yourself with ease all while receiving industry-leading protection. Specifically, with our interactive monitoring plan, for 93¢/day you’ll receive:

  • 24/7 police dispatch

  • Unlimited camera recording

  • 24/7 fire & medical dispatch 

  • Video verification

  • 24/7 flood and extreme temperature monitoring

Happy landscaping!