What is a Smart Lock?: A Guide to Smart Locks

Posted May 11th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

With smart locks, it’s out with the old and in with the new. But, is it really worth the investment? Smart locks can have great benefits from your home, whether it’s one of your only methods of home security, or part of an integrative smart home system. Though they might be hard to get used to for those who are accustomed to using physical keys, you’ll soon start to see how much more peace-of-mind a smart lock can give you. 

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a lock that goes on your door that does not require a physical key to gain entry into your home, or to lock it when you leave or when you come home for the day. It typically uses a number keypad to get in (of which you should only share with a very small circle of people!), and you can control the smart lock from your device. 

This means that even if you forget to lock the door on your way out, you can just tap into your phone to get it done. No more crippling anxiety when you’re at work wondering whether or not you remembered to lock the door, or wondering how you’re going to get back inside if you lose your keys while out. 

How Do Smart Locks Work?

While many smart locks work by connecting to your Wi-Fi (because they are generally designed to hook up with your entire wireless smart home security system), SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock does not require Wi-Fi to work. Again, this means you can buy the lock to stand on its own (even if you don’t have Wi-Fi), or you can add it to your security package.

And, though not all smart locks work the same, most can be controlled remotely by your device, hooked up to your security system hub, or accessed simply by using the numbers on the keypad or via a key fob. Typically, smart locks have even more features for convenience and security, which can make the decision to buy one that much easier. 

What are the Benefits of Smart Locks?

Before swapping in keys for technology, you might be wondering what the pros and cons of a smart lock system are. While here at SimpliSafe we’re always a little biased, it’s worth recognizing that smart locks might not be worth it for everyone. So, let’s start by looking at the positives:


  • Ability to lock your door from home

  • Set automatic timers on your smart lock in case you forget your device, too!

  • There are multiple ways to access the home via the smart lock, ensuring that close and trusted family and friends can easily get in and out (you can also give different codes for this)

  • Can hook up to other smart home security equipment easily, but it’s also not necessary

  • Won’t damage your door (some Smart Locks do, but ours doesn’t!). They’re also easy to install, the pin pad lights up, and the device is weather-proof

  • Easy to install right over your deadbolt, and you can still use your key 

  • You can monitor how many times your door has been locked and unlocked throughout the day

  • If a lock has an attempted breach (for instance, if someone tries the wrong code too many times), they’ll be locked out and you and the authorities will/can be alerted

But, with anything, there are some downsides to consider:

  • Smart locks are battery-operated. But, you’ll get notifications on the smart lock itself as well as the app to alert you when the battery is getting low

  • There is always a risk of hackers getting into your Wi-Fi system and/or smart lock, but the risk is about the same as someone breaking in a traditional keyhole

  • Installing a smart lock is a little more than replacing locks on a door if needed, but generally, this is a one-time fee due to all the features and security capabilities

Is a Smart Lock Right for Me? 

If you’ve never used smart home technology before, getting a smart lock might seem overwhelming. While it’s definitely an adjustment, you can get your smart lock up and running in just about an hour, and no drilling is required. SimpliSafe offers a Smart Lock component as an add-on to our home security systems, and if you’re not sure whether or not you like it, remember that we have a money-back guarantee.