What do you protect? A small business case study

Posted March 21st, 2022 by SimpliSafe

We pride ourselves on making every home secure, but we also prioritize safety for businesses. When it comes to protecting businesses, the obvious answer(s) to the question, “What do you protect?” could be anything from cash, to supplies, to employees. However, there’s often more to the story than that - these businesses protect coveted scientific data, or heirloom barbering tools, or something as simple as a dream. 

That’s where SimpliSafe comes in.

Small businesses are the backbone of local communities - it’s where we’re meant to feel connected and safe. So, we visited three local businesses to better understand what makes them feel safe.

Join us in appreciating and celebrating these businesses and what they protect the most. 

Monumental Market 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

Javier Amador-Peña and Kelsey Munger, started Monumental Market in part to create a safe space for those with food allergies. To keep their storefront safe, they trust SimpliSafe. Here’s their story.

Instagram: @monumental_market

Facebook: @monumentalmarket

Bostonian Barber Shop

Boston, Massachusetts 

For Erik Zaiatz, owner of Bostonian Barbershop, running his small business is a huge responsibility. It means carrying on a family tradition that started with his grandfather. He trusts SimpliSafe to protect that family legacy. Here’s his story.

Instagram: @bostonianbarbershop

Facebook: @Bostonian Barber Shop

Ocean Alliance

Gloucester, Massachusetts 

Did you know that two out of every three breaths we take come from the ocean? We asked Dr. Iain Kerr, CEO of Ocean Alliance, about how healthy wales mean a healthy planet--and healthy humans--and how SimpliSafe helps protect his priceless research and data.

Instagram: @oceanalliance

Facebook: @OceanAlliance

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