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works as
hard as you do.

Most 24/7 security systems will cost your business thousands of dollars a year. Not SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe protects every inch of your business—with no installation costs, hidden charges or contracts. 24/7 professional monitoring starts at just $15/month. You’ll be alerted to break-ins, fires, floods, temperature fluctuations and more. Experts at CNET say, “SimpliSafe belongs at the top of your list.”
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Award-Winning Business Security

Winner of CNET Editor’s Choice Award, Angie’s List Super Service Award, and A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau

Award-Winning Business Security
SimpliSafe has no annual contracts

No Annual Contracts

Most alarm companies lock you in long-term contracts. SimpliSafe doesn’t. We work harder than any other alarm company to make your business safe and easy—and never lock you in. read more

SimpliSafe has Total Security–Exceptional Savings

Total Security– Exceptional Savings

CNET calls SimpliSafe “comprehensive, outstanding value.” We eliminated costly middlemen like dealers and salesguys—so you get more security for hundreds less.
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SimpliSafe vs Traditional Alarms

Keep Your Business Safe & Your Costs Low. Here's How:

Alarm systems can cost business owners a small fortune—over $2,000 a year in fees.

Why? Because the traditional industry is riddled with middlemen. Third-party manufacturers sell alarm systems to distributors. Then they pass through dealers, armies of salesmen and technicians. By the time a system reaches you, it’s been marked up over 400% and attached to a long-term contract.

We’ve eliminated middlemen and annual contracts. We build our own award-winning wireless security system and sell it directly to you online. We pass the savings onto you—so you can keep your business safe and your costs low.

Simplisafe vs old alarm companies

Save Hundreds Every Year

Traditional alarm companies charge $42.99/month (or higher!). SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring is just $14.99/month. We protect your business with COPS Monitoring - named BEST MONITORING in the Industry by the Central Station Alarm Association.

Simplisafe charges $14.99 per month
Traditional alarm companies charges $42.99 per month

No Annual Contracts

Most alarm companies require you to sign a three-year contract upfront! SimpliSafe has no annual contracts, and no commitments—so you can feel secure and free. Plus you’re protected by our 60 day Money Back Guarantee & 3 year product warranty.

SimpliSafe has No Annual Contracts
Traditional companies has Annual Contracts

Free and Easy Set-Up

With traditional security companies, you’ll have to wait around for "Professional" Installers— aka people you've never seen before charging you a $100-$400 fee to tear up your walls. With SimpliSafe, you can do it yourself in under an hour — no hassle, no fees, and no contractors needed.

SimpliSafe is easy to setup
Traditional alaram companies take 2 hours

No Landline Needed

Most alarms rely on vulnerable landlines. Thieves can cut them in seconds, and they run you an extra $20 a month in bills. SimpliSafe uses a built-in cellular connection. It’s secure, verified, and completely free to you (other companies charge a premium for this service).

SimpliSafe not required landline
Traditional companies required landline
SimpliSafe has no annual contracts

No Annual Contracts

Long-term contracts are a huge risk for your business. They lock you into years of expensive fees—and auto-renew without notice.

And almost every alarm company makes you sign one. SimpliSafe Doesn’t.

When you sign-up for one of our 24/7 alarm monitoring plans, you always have the freedom to cancel anytime. Instead of locking you into a contract— we’d rather earn your loyalty by providing you with the best protection and customer service experience in the industry.

We protect your business every second of the day.

What if you arrived at your business one morning and found it ransacked? Emptied out: computers, inventory, cash, files — everything.

SimpliSafe delivers the peace of mind of knowing your business is safe and secure — around-the-clock. It harnesses smarter wireless and cellular technology that intruders can’t disable. Professional monitoring specialists watch over your business 24/7. In an emergency, we alert you and instantly dispatch the police.

It’s the “best monitoring in the industry,” there are no annual contracts, and it’s just $14.99/month. Most companies charge over three times that.

Simplisafe Features at a Glance

SimpliSafe has a fast cellular connection

Lightning Fast Cellular Connection

No Phoneline needed. Independent cellular connection that can’t be cut by intruders. Learn More

SimpliSafe has Secret! Alerts feature

Secret! Alerts (your eyes and ears at work)

Keep track of private files, restricted areas, and more with secret notifications. Learn More

SimpliSafe has SMS Text & Email Alerts features

SMS Text & Email Alerts

With alarm and activity alerts sent directly to your phone, you’ll know what’s happening, when it happens. Learn More

SimpliSafe is easy to install

Free and Easy to Install—in under an hour!

Wireless & installs in under an hour. Your system arrives pre- programmed to work instantly. Save Hundreds! Learn More

SimpliSafe has Smash-Proof Protection

Smash-Proof Protection

Simplisafe will alert the police even if a burglar smashes the keypad. Learn More

SimpliSafe has five-diamond certified monitoring

Best-in-Industry Professional Monitoring

We offer the highest caliber monitoring available for three times less. Learn More

SimpliSafe can save you up to 20% on your insurance

Save up to 20% on your Insurance

Monitoring gets you discounts of up to 20% on your business's insurance. Trusted by all major insurance companies.
Learn More

Access SimpliSafe from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop

On-the-Go Mobile Control

You’ll have access to advanced system control from your smartphone or laptop. Learn More

SimpliSafe has advanced wireless sensors

Wireless Sensors with Extreme Range

Sensors have a 400ft range and protect businesses of any size. Systems are customizable to fit your needs. Learn More

SimpliSafe is portable

Portable—Take it With You When You Move

Pack up your SimpliSafe and re-install it at your next business location. And it grows with you: you can always add more sensors. Learn More

SimpliSafe has power outage protection

Power Outage Protection

SimpliSafe runs on powerful lithium batteries that last 5 years so you stay secure when the electricity fails. Learn More

Know what's happening at your business–always

Smart alerts instantly notify you of events at your business. They keep you connected– no matter where you are.

  • Wondering if your business was opened on time? Your SMS text alert tells you exactly when your alarm was disarmed and by whom.
  • Monitor the file cabinet full of sensitive financial and HR documents with a secret alert! You'll get an alert if anyone accesses private areas in your office.
  • Get instant notification of power outages. SimpliSafe will send you a text when power is lost or cut in your business (and see how it protects you for 48 hours without power)
SimpliSafe Smart Alerts instantly notify you of events at your business.

SimpliSafe is not for you if...

You have a HUGE business: If your business is larger than 20,000 square feet (about the size of a football field)—or if it has more than 50 windows on the first floor—you would probably benefit from a system that can handle a huge number of sensors. Our advice would be to go to a traditional contract security company—and keep in mind the things we’ve warned you about.

You run a large commercial property such as a shopping mall—you would probably benefit from a system that has CCTV or security guards, in which case you should probably go to one of the traditional contract security companies—and keep in mind the things we’ve warned you about.

However, if you’re one of the 95% of people who don’t run a large commercial property, then SimpliSafe is probably the best choice for you. If you’re in any doubt, contact one of our security consultants at 1-888-907-1286 for free friendly advice.

SimpliSafe is perfect for:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Offices
  • Law Firms
  • Medical Practices
  • Home Businesses
  • Home Offices

Love it... Or return it for a full refund

Test any one of our alarm system packages
below. If you aren't 100% delighted, call us
within 60 days for a FULL REFUND and let
us pay for return shipping.

SimpliSafe guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We at Simplisafe are committed to providing you with
only the best products and services. Our goal is to
make your life safer and easier. If you are in any way
unsatisfied with your SimpliSafe product or service,
please contact us and we’ll do our best to make it right.

SimpliSafe guarantee

3 Year Product Warranty

Even after 60 days has passed, you still benefit from our
three-year product warranty. If anything goes wrong with
your system, just call us (800-548-9508) and we’ll do
whatever it takes to sort things out usually, we’ll just send you
a replacement part, completely free of charge. We can afford
to offer this because our components are so reliable.

SimpliSafe guarantee

What is an “auto-renewal clause” anyway?

Most alarm companies have an automatic renewal clause in their monitoring and service contract (and use teeny tiny font). This means that your contract will be renewed for anywhere from 12 months to three years, unless you cancel by mail within 30 days before the end of your contract. Many of the nationwide and local alarm companies use this tactic. Cancelling early usually involves a penalty of 75% to 100% of the value of the contract.

Sneaky auto-renewal clause

SimpliSafe offers monthly alarm monitoring. There are no contracts to sign, so there’s no fear of getting tricked by fine print and hidden fees. You can cancel your SimpliSafe alarm monitoring anytime by simply giving us a call.



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