How to Secure Basement Windows

Posted March 27th, 2023 by SimpliSafe

Basements are often the dingiest and darkest places in our homes. It’s where we store unused furniture, seasonal tools and decorations, and dirty laundry. It’s not a place we typically like to spend a lot of time, and therefore, it is often a place that is overlooked when it comes to home security. Basement windows are often a vulnerable entryway into the home and thus can be an easy target for a nimble burglar. Not only that, but poorly sealed basement windows can be the culprit of costly leaks. 

So, how do you secure basement windows to ensure you have that extra layer of security?

Check that your windows are locked and secured

Even if you’re one to get the heebie-jeebies when you walk down the basement steps, it’s important to take inventory of your basement, specifically the windows. Ask yourself: Do all of the windows have locks? Are the seals in good condition? Are there any cracks in the glass? If you notice any imperfections or potential vulnerabilities, take care to correct them as soon as possible. Though replacing basement windows and locks may feel like an unnecessary expense, especially for a part of your home that is often frequented, you’ll thank yourself later when your locked and secured windows protect your home from theft or water damage from a heavy rainstorm. 

Automate by adding smart home technology

Even if you’ve taken care to update your basement windows, install new locks, and add new water-resistant seals, there’s no harm in adding additional protection in the form of smart home technology. 

Smart home technology can alert you to home issues before they become costly damages. For instance, installing a water sensor will let you know if there is any presence of water, even if it’s only a credit card depth puddle, in your home or basement. To further protect your basement against water damage, consider installing a water sensor below each basement window.

It’s also worthwhile to install entry sensors to basement windows to alert you to an open window and a glass break sensor to let you know if a basement window’s glass is shattered. 

Add Security Cameras

To take your basement security game to the next level, consider installing an outdoor security camera. With a security camera, you can monitor the exterior of your home, including basement windows, even when you’re away from home. SimpliSafe’s Wireless Outdoor Security Camera has 1080p HD video, a 140-degree ultra-wide field of view, digital zoom and full-color night vision, so nothing slips by undetected from potentially damaging debris to a nosey raccoon. 

Whether you’re enhancing your home security by installing more equipment around your basement windows or deciding on a security system for the first time, SimpliSafe can help you ensure that all entryways into your home are secure. Shop now to get started.