SimpliSafe Joins LOT Network in a Proactive Measure Against the Threat of Patent Trolls

Posted October 12th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Over the past 15 years, SimpliSafe has transformed the home security market, making home protection more accessible than ever. Its innovative hardware and software have been paramount to its category disruption. Joining LOT Network will enable SimpliSafe to continue focusing on the products and services that provide whole home protection, rather than frivolous patent litigation. 

“As a company whose mission is to protect our customers, it is important that we take this step to proactively protect ourselves and our business,” said Brian Bloch, Vice President and General Counsel at SimpliSafe. “Our membership in LOT Network will allow SimpliSafe to focus time, resources and energy on what matters most – innovating in a way that protects our customers and the lives they’ve built – rather than fighting patent trolls in court. Additionally, I hope our move inspires other companies to join LOT Network and help reduce the overall impact presented by patent troll litigation and assertions across all technology sectors.”

Innovation and technological breakthroughs are promoted when organizations join together to take a stand against the patent activities of individuals who make no contributions to the state of the art, but rather seek only to enrich themselves with the use of a government patent right. These actions impede rather than promote innovation. Which is why LOT Network members agree that if, and only if, any member’s patent assets fall into the hands of a PAE, all the other members of the community receive a free license, thereby immunizing them against PAE litigation from those assets. By helping fellow members avoid costly, non-productive patent litigation, the network enables members to spend their time and resources developing and selling new products that benefit society.

"SimpliSafe's membership in LOT is an important, proactive measure that will not only help immunize them from the threat of PAE litigation, but they are making their ecosystem safer," said Ken Seddon, CEO of LOT Network. "They're joining a group of like-minded companies from around the world who want to ensure that innovation is protected and celebrated without the worry of unnecessary litigation. Now they can focus on what matters most to their entire ecosystem -- providing high caliber security products and services."

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