SimpliSafe® Pilots New Service Designed to Help Prevent Crime Before It Happens

Posted April 22nd, 2024 by SimpliSafe

At SimpliSafe, we’re focused on innovating in the home security space, designing new technology to keep our customers safer than ever before. 

Last year, we rolled out 24/7 live guard protection, the next generation of professional monitoring. This advanced technology helps stop crime in real-time by allowing our expert monitoring agents to see and speak directly with intruders within your home using the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera. 

We’re excited to announce that we’re piloting yet another breakthrough technology to provide extra protection outside your home. Live guard outdoor protection is the first layer of defense to help prevent crime from happening and deter would-be intruders from entering your home in the first place. 

For a limited time, select customers are eligible to participate in our Early Access Program and be among the first to experience this revolutionary outdoor monitoring technology before it launches later this year.

Help prevent crime before it happens

Today, traditional home security systems will trigger an alarm when an intruder is breaking into your home, but by then, it’s too late. At SimpliSafe, we’re working to change that with live guard outdoor protection, which is designed to deter intruders from breaching your home. 

How it works

With live guard outdoor protection, the power of advanced AI and live agent intervention provides a double layer of outdoor defense. 

1. Our advanced AI identifies potential threats.

When your system is armed, our outdoor camera’s AI technology, wide field of view, and night vision keep watch over the perimeter of your home. When a person is detected, the AI-enabled camera escalates an alert to a team of expert monitoring professionals to confirm and take action if necessary.1

2. Our live agents intervene to stop intruders

Our expert monitoring agents can then see and speak to intruders in real-time using two-way audio, activate the camera’s built-in siren, and request priority police dispatch (in life-threatening situations or a home break-in) when the system is armed. 

Our commitment to privacy

At SimpliSafe, we believe you should always be in control of your privacy. As with all of our products and services, we built live guard outdoor protection from the ground up to preserve that right. You choose which cameras are monitored and when the system is armed, so monitoring agents only have access to the videos you want them to. Live and recorded videos are also securely encrypted. 


This new technology is currently available to select, qualifying SimpliSafe customers through the Early Access Program; however, we look forward to rolling it out to the general public later this year. Visit to enroll in our email updates to stay in the loop! 

1 Except where prohibited by law in Illinois, Texas, and (Portland) Oregon.