How to Protect a Vulnerable Home Entryway: The Garage

Posted April 22nd, 2024 by SimpliSafe

Burglars will usually stake out their targets before deciding to make a move. To find a target, they look for places that have vulnerable entryways into the home, like an easily accessible window, back door or, in many instances, the garage. 

The good news is that by implementing just a few changes, you can protect your garage and keep any would-be burglars out. 

Here’s how:

Look at your garage from an outsider’s perspective

The best way to begin protecting your home is by understanding how your garage may be viewed by a passerby. For instance, do you and your children regularly use the attached garage as a main home entry point? Do you drive a high-end or vintage car? Maybe you use the garage as a band space where you keep a collection of guitars and drumsets. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, your garage habits can be easily picked up by a would-be burglar, leaving clues on what valuables are kept inside and if there is an easy access point from the garage into your actual home. 

But, no need to get worried -- there are many ways to keep your garage safe. 

Don’t keep valuables in your garage

It may go without saying -- don’t keep valuables in your garage if you can help it. This might be hard to avoid. After all, if you don’t have a lot of storage space inside your home, the garage might be the best and only place for you to store some items you hold dear. 

Anything that’s of significant importance to you and can be stored inside the house itself should be. If you must keep some valuables in the garage, make sure they are out of sight and locked up in some capacity. 

Don’t leave your garage door open

Whether or not you decide to leave valuables in your garage, you can protect yourself by keeping your garage door closed whenever possible. And, for the times you do leave your garage open, try to leave it clean, uncluttered, and with valuables out of sight. 

The more stuff you have visible to the street, the more a burglar might wonder what else you’ve got inside. And, in many cases, they may not feel the need to take it that far at all. To them, if your garage offers enough items to potentially steal, such as a bicycle or fancy new tool kit. 

Install a garage alarm system

You can do a lot yourself when it comes to protecting your garage, but installing some home security tools will bring your garage protection game to the next level. Here’s how: 

  1. Install lights and motion sensors – To help deter burglars during the night, when your garage may be better hidden, consider installing pathway lights and/or motion sensors that will keep the area well-lit and let you know when someone’s there who shouldn’t be. 

  2. Install indoor and outdoor cameras – Another reason burglars might choose a garage as an easy entryway into the home is that it might be a part of the home that no one is paying too much attention to. For instance, maybe you have a security system, but you’ve focused on protecting your front door, back door, and front windows more than the garage. By installing indoor and outdoor cameras in your garage, you can help protect yourself against burglars. And, because cameras themselves can act as a deterrent against theft, leaving your garage door open every now and then might be okay as long as they see a big camera keeping watch.

Understanding how to fully protect a garage can be difficult, whether your garage is detached or attached to the home. Thankfully, SimpliSafe can help you navigate this process, so you can find the garage alarm system for your home. Start shopping now!