Baby Safety and Smart Home Security: A Guide for New Parents

Posted May 20th, 2024 by SimpliSafe

It goes without saying that being a first-time parent can be overwhelming. Did you purchase the right equipment? Is the baby eating too much? Too little? When will I ever get some sleep?

In addition to all the chaos and questions, there is inevitably an underlying concern about your child’s safety. Though you won’t need to start installing baby gates and outlet covers just yet, it’s never too soon to start prioritizing baby-proofing your home.

In addition to the traditional methods used by parents to ensure baby safety in the home, a smart home security system can ensure everyone is safe – both parent and child! – during these early stages and long into the future. 

Basic Baby-Proofing Tips

You’d be surprised to learn the number of items within your home that could be hazardous to your newborn. Here are some basic “baby-proofing” tips to get started:

  • Install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs, especially once your child begins to scoot and crawl.

  • Place any loose wires, chargers and other miscellaneous technology accessories in a bin that is far out of your child’s reach. 

  • Avoid installing heavy art, mirrors or shelves above a baby’s crib or changing table unless you have such items professionally installed and secured to the wall. 

  • Cover electrical outlets with safety caps.

  • Use baby-proof latches for cabinets and drawers containing dangerous items.

Of course, take time to speak with your pediatrician to understand what other steps can be taken to baby-proof your home properly. 

Consider a Home Security System 

Though we’d all like to have complete control over our child’s safety, there will inevitably be times when our baby-proofing methods only help to a point. Especially once sleep deprivation starts to kick in! 

With a smart home security system, new parents can leave much of their baby safety worries to award-winning technology and monitoring professionals. SimpliSafe was designed to be an easy-to-install, easy-to-use home security system that keeps watch over your home and the family members inside it, so you don’t have to. 

Here are a few ways SimpliSafe’s technology can help new parents:

Smart Locks: A smart lock allows you to enter your home key-free, a major plus for parents who often find their hands full. Not only can you lock and unlock your door remotely, but you can also give temporary access pins to visiting friends, families and neighbors who may be stopping by to help in these first few days of parenthood. 

Video Doorbell: With the number of new baby items being delivered to your door each day, it can be helpful to have a video doorbell. With a video doorbell, you can monitor for package deliveries and see what visitors are stopping by to say hello. 

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Consider installing SimpliSafe’s 2-in-1 smoke and carbon monoxide detector. This piece of technology will alert you to dangerous levels of smoke and CO exposure. 

Door and Window Sensors: These devices notify you if a door or window is opened, making you aware if the baby opens any door or window as they become more mobile. 

Indoor Security Cameras: SimpliSafe’s Smart Alarm Indoor Camera is a great way to keep watch over your child, whether you’re away from home or simply in the next room. 

Worried about the sounds of these sensors, dings, and devices going off and potentially waking up baby? No worries. SimpliSafe gives you the ability to customize these settings on the app, which is easy to do during those late-night feedings and diaper changes. 

Don’t Lift a Finger

Ensuring baby safety requires a mix of smart home security measures and general precautions. By incorporating systems like SimpliSafe into your home and following essential baby-proofing steps, you will not only enhance your baby’s safety but also provide yourself with much-needed peace of mind. 

And, since new parents are preoccupied enough, why add another thing to the to-do list? SimpliSafe offers professional installation options so you can sit back and focus on raising your child instead of spending time installing new technology products. . 

Consider adding Simplisafe to your baby gift list!