How Landscaping Can Help With Home Security

Posted May 7th, 2024 by SimpliSafe

For many people, landscaping is considered a chore. But what if we told you that landscaping could help increase your home’s security? 

It’s time to flip the switch: Instead of thinking of landscaping as a laborious to-do, think of it as a necessary step to improving the maintenance of your property and protecting your loved ones who call it home. 

Here’s what we mean:

Why Use Landscaping for Home Security?

First, let’s briefly touch on the meaning of landscaping. To some, it’s just mowing the lawn. But, to others, it can be much more involved such as adding ornamental features and/or planting trees and shrubs. Generally, this is done to make an area of yard or garden more attractive, but landscaping can mean altering the land for a variety of purposes, like security (even if it’s subtle). 

For instance, tall hedges can act as a horticultural curtain for your home, shielding windows and providing privacy for your family.  However, such curtains could also provide a new cover for any lurking home trespassers.  So, how do you find that sweet spot?

There are some basic landscaping ideas you can try if you’re looking for a more natural approach to home security, but it depends on how you use them. Read carefully!

Plant And/Or Remove Trees

Adding trees around your home can be a great way to use landscaping for home security. 

Not only do they help provide your home with some added coverage, but they will also give your home the appearance of being well-kept and occupied, especially if you take care to regularly trim the branches. 

When planting trees, be sure to keep them clear of any side entrances, keep their branches away from windows, and keep them clear of any outdoor security cameras to prevent any potential damage or cover for intruders. 

Strategically Pick and Place Plants

Picking the right plants and placing them in the right spot can help you use landscaping for home security in ways that burglars may not even notice until they learn the hard way. 

For example, any plants that have thorns - like holly or roses - can be placed under windows and be painful if a burglar were to trudge through them. And, while we don’t suggest planting poison ivy, a burglar trying to break in during broad daylight may think twice if they see boxelder (a poison ivy lookalike) instead. 

Construct Well-Lit Pathways

Keeping pathways open and well-lit may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of landscaping and home security, but it’s important. By creating pathways that aren’t blocked or dark, it makes it harder for a burglar to go unseen. Be sure to add lighting for utmost security. 

Get Creative with Fencing

A fence can act as a security barrier on its own, but unless you have a sophisticated lock on yours, most burglars can bypass a fence with ease. Consider planting flowerbeds and/or bushes around the fence to make it more difficult for a trespasser to jump over the barrier or look into installing fences that stretch taller than 6 feet. 

How to Bring Landscaping and a Home Security System Together

Though landscaping can help, landscaping security tactics work best if incorporated with a home security system. Here are some smart home technologies to consider when reevaluating your home’s security:

Outdoor Video Cameras: An outdoor video camera from SimpliSafe has excellent range and definition, so you can get a good view of who is in your yard.

Motion Sensors: While plants can get in a burglar’s way, motion sensors will let you know they’re there. Place these sensors near the immediate entrances to your home, like door frames, ledges around windows, hallways, garage, back patio, or basement entrance. 

Entry Sensors: Entry sensors can be placed on doors and windows and will go off when they are triggered. They can also be placed inside cabinets or closet doors in case you are keeping certain valuable items secured and stowed there. 

Video Doorbell: A video doorbell is an excellent addition to your home security system. It allows you to see, hear, and speak with anyone who approaches your front door, whether you're at home or away. This can be a powerful deterrent to potential burglars, as they may be less likely to attempt a break-in if they know they're being watched and recorded. 

Yard Sign: According to the UNC Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, 60% of burglars said that the presence of an alarm system would deter them from breaking in. With this in mind, be sure to install a yard sign on your front lawn to make it clear that your home is protected by a well-vetted home security system.

Ultimately,  landscaping can be a valuable addition to your home security efforts when used strategically alongside a robust home security system like SimpliSafe. With the right combination of landscaping and security technology, you can create a safe, secure, and beautiful environment for your family to enjoy.

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