What to Know About Wireless Home Security Systems

Posted March 2nd, 2023 by SimpliSafe

Wireless home security systems are becoming increasingly popular because they offer not only protection, but also flexibility and convenience. With wireless security systems, you don’t have to worry about drilling through walls and running wires as you do with a traditional wired system. However, there are some things you should know before installing any wireless home security system, including:

Understand the Range of Your System 

When installing a wireless security system, it’s important to understand the range of your system, as this will impact how effective the system is in monitoring your home. The range of a wireless security system depends not only on the type of equipment being used, but also other factors such as walls and any obstructions that could interfere with its transmission signal.  

Choose an Intuitive User Interface 

Another important aspect to consider is the user interface of the wireless home security system, as this can make or break your experience when using it. You want a user interface – including a mobile app – that is easy to use so that you can quickly arm and disarm your system, and have visibility into your home  in case of emergencies. It should also allow you to customize settings and notifications based on your unique needs. For instance, being able to snooze camera notifications when your kids are playing in the backyard or the landscapers are mowing the lawn.

Ensure Your System is Low Maintenance, Without Compromising on Reliability 

Most wireless home security systems have low-maintenance requirements; however, it’s  important to check on your system regularly to ensure everything is working properly and your family is well protected at all times. For instance, rather than keeping track of the expected battery life for your various system components, choose a system that alerts you when components are low on battery or not responding. Additionally, make sure the system comes with a good warranty in case something does go wrong - this will help ensure you get any repairs or replacements covered without hitting your wallet. 

Consider Installing High Quality Cameras 

In addition to sensors and alarms, many wireless home security systems offer indoor and outdoor cameras, so that you have visibility into your home and monitor any suspicious activity from afar. Make sure whatever cameras you buy are high quality, so you have an adequate field of view, zooming capabilities, two-way audio and can capture clear images during daytime or nighttime – some cameras even provide night vision capabilities which can be particularly helpful if someone tries to enter your property after dark. Additionally, check for features that provide privacy when you want it and protection when you need it – like a mechanical privacy shutter or LED light indicator.  

Check for Compatible Mobile Apps 

Finally, check if there are compatible mobile apps available for your wireless home security system – many companies offer secure companion apps where you can access live video feeds remotely or arm/disarm  right from your phone. This way you can have protection and peace of mind if an alarm goes off while you’re away.

Additional Wireless Home Security System Usage Tips

  1. Change passwords regularly and make sure they are strong.

  2. Make sure your home router has the latest security updates installed.

  3. Turn off the wireless home security system when not in use for extended periods of time. 

  4. Enable encryption protocols that start with WEP or WPA2 standards. 

  5. Implement two-factor authentication to access the wireless network remotely, if available. 

  6. Disconnect any nonessential devices that may be connected to the home network when not in use—such as cameras, doorbells, and smart locks—and delete unknown devices on your network’s list of connected users or guests periodically. 

  7. Ensure your wireless signal is protected and shielded from possible outside interference 

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