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2 Free Months

of security monitoring

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SimpliSafe offer valid only for Rapid Rewards® Members who purchase a new SimpliSafe system that includes at least one (1) Base Station, one (1) Keypad and at least two (2) additional sensors through this online campaign and provide valid Rapid Rewards Member information. Not valid with any other offers. To qualify, Rapid Rewards Members must enter their valid Rapid Rewards information into the required form. Rapid Rewards Members will not be eligible to earn points if they return their SimpliSafe system within the first 60 days after purchase. After qualifying, please allow up to 14 weeks for points to post to your Rapid Rewards account. If you did not input your Rapid Rewards information upon ordering and would like to receive the Rapid Reward bonus points, please email PartnerOffers@SimpliSafe.com with your SimpliSafe order number and Rapid Rewards number. SimpliSafe Terms of Sale and all other applicable SimpliSafe Terms and Conditions apply. This offer is subject to change or cancellation at any time. Rapid Rewards bonus points will not count towards A-List, A-List Preferred, or Companion Pass qualification. All Rapid Rewards rules and regulations apply and can be found at Southwest.com/rrterms. Southwest Airlines® is not responsible for provision of or failure to provide the benefits described in this offer. Offer valid 10/1 through 12/31

Earn 7,000 Rapid Rewards® bonus points

Have your Rapid Rewards number ready at checkout. Terms and Conditions apply.

20% OFF any new system + FREE CAMERA $99 SimpliCam

Engineered to Protect

We protect over 3 million people with our award-winning
security system. This is our security camera. 24/7 HD video.
Intruder and motion alerts. All built by people who know
security. Meet SimpliCam.


Keep an Eye on Your Home

Keep an Eye On Your Home

Watch live HD Video and
audio 24/7 for free from
your smartphone, tablet
or computer.

Get Crucial Alerts

Alerts You to Trouble

SimpliCam alerts you for free
the instant it detects motion
so you can see what’s
happening and take action.

Smart Motion Detection

Smart Motion Detection

Intelligent sensors
are calibrated to
detect the unique heat
signature of humans.

”The best engineering is invisible. It transforms complex technology into something simple and intuitive. SimpliCam is just that—a powerful security camera that is deceptively easy to use.”

Chad Laurans, CEO

Chad Laurans, CEO & Chief Engineer of SimpliSafe

Catch them in the Act

Someone home who shouldn’t be? Not for long. SimpliCam notifies you the instant it detects unusual activity, so you can see what happened and take action.

Capture Critical Evidence See what happened before, during, and after your camera detects activity. With an optional recording plan, you can record, store and share critical footage with police and neighbors.

  • Record anytime at the push of a button
  • 30-Day Storage
  • Download and Share Clips

See what’s happening at home

Is everything alright at home? With SimpliCam you can see and hear what’s happening at home any time, anywhere, from any device. With an ultra-wide field of view—plus flawless streaming—you can see everything that happens at home in crystal clear HD from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. All for free in the SimpliSafe app.

SimpliSafe App Features

Detects humans.
Ignores distractions.

No one wants their phone to get overwhelmed with alerts. Shouldn’t your camera know the difference between someone breaking in and a branch moving outside? We solved the "camera-cried-wolf" problem. SimpliCam’s intelligent detection algorithms are calibrated to detect the unique heat signature of humans, so the alerts you get are the ones that matter.

Flawless Streaming

HD. Now wait-free.

What good is HD video if it’s choppy, grainy and slow? Here’s a secret. To get crystal clear video, you need more than HD resolution. SimpliCam’s secret sauce is its compression. Our engineers developed a “variable bitrate compression algorithm,” which is a geeky way of saying that with SimpliCam you get crystal clear HD video that loads quickly and plays smooth.

Serious privacy protection

SimpliCam was built with a stainless steel privacy shutter to give you complete control over your privacy. The privacy shutter only opens with your permission. It protects your video feed with the same level of encryption used by banks to protect their accounts.

End to End


SSL Security

Meet SimpliCam

Simplisafe Home Security Camera

Stainless Steel
Privacy Shutter

Stainless Steel Privacy Shutter

120° Diagonal
Field of View

120° Diagonal Field of View

Internal Microphone

Internal Microphone
Status Light

Status Light

Night Vision

HD Video



HD Video and Audio
24/7 Free Live Streaming
Free Motion Alerts
Intelligent Motion Detection Algorithm
Free App for Android and iPhone
Recording and 30-Day Storage (with plan)
High Power Infrared Led Cut Filter
Millions of Colors
Variable Bitrate Compression
End-to-End Encryption
30 Frames/sec, H.264 Encoding
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
3 Year Limited Warranty
14°-104° F


4.56 in. x 2.55 in. x 2.08 in.
Weight: .33 lbs.


Wifi Connection
AC Power
Indoor-Use Only

Open Box. Plug it in. Protect your home.

Set up your SimpliCam in under 5 minutes.

Plug it in

Plug it in

Download the app

Download the app

Connect to Wifi

Connect to Wifi


SimpliSafe offer valid only for those who purchase a new SimpliSafe system that includes at least one (1) Base Station, one (1) Keypad and one (1) Additional Sensor. Not valid with any other offers. Offer not valid on SimpliSafe Original system or Refurbished systems. SimpliSafe Terms of Sale and all other applicable SimpliSafe Terms and Conditions apply.

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