Hidden Security Cameras: How to Hide a Security Camera

Posted June 1st, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Including security cameras as part of your home security system can help keep you and your family safe. These days, smart home security cameras can do a whole lot more than just record video; they can trigger motion sensors, set off your burglary alarm, allow for two-way audio to scare burglars away, ignore alerts that don’t matter, and allow you to zoom into the footage to read license plates and faces, with colored night vision, too. 

And, although placing outdoor security cameras where they’re visible to intruders could deter burglaries, sometimes, it’s a good idea to hide security cameras, too. But, how to do so effectively?

The Benefits of a Hidden Security Camera

Security cameras are known to be successful in deterring burglars, but there are circumstances in which it would be good to hide one. For instance, if you suspect someone familiar might be breaking into your home but they wouldn’t try it knowing you had a camera, a hidden outdoor security camera could help you catch them in the act. 

Other times, burglars might try to disarm cameras, or at the very least, they’ll study where you’ve placed them and find another way to get into your home. And, for parents who simply want to see what their children might be up to when you’re not home, hidden security cameras can ensure that you’re protecting their safety at all times. Though, this is not something that should be done lightly so as to not invade your loved ones’ privacy. 

What Types of Security Cameras are Best for Hiding?

If you’re planning on hiding security cameras in and around your home, it’s important to invest in a camera that will allow you to do this easily. This means that you’ll most likely need to go for a wireless home security camera, as it does not need to be hooked up to the wiring of your home which would thus limit where you can place it. A wireless security camera requires no wiring, can be placed anywhere, and can be installed yourself in just a few minutes. 

Tips on Hiding a Security Camera

So, you want to hide a security camera? You’ll have to make sure that wherever you hide it, it’s both out-of-sight from others but still can work up to its fullest potential. This means that there shouldn’t be anything blocking the footage area of the camera. 

Where to Hide Security Cameras Outside

Depending on what type of dwelling you live in, you may have more or fewer options on where to hide your security camera. But, here are a few good places to try:

  • Behind posts or ledges, where they are not visible from the street

  • Behind indoor windows, facing out

  • Near the mailbox

  • A tree

  • On a basketball hoop

  • In a birdhouse or other lawn decor

  • Inside a bush or a rock (or, fake rock)

  • In a plant/pot

Where to Hide Security Cameras Inside

If you’d like an extra layer of protection, you can also hide your indoor  security cameras inside the home. Though, keep in mind that hiding them in certain areas of your home should be discussed with other members of the household or those coming in and out often. Some places to hide security cameras inside are:

  • Behind/on top of beams and ledges

  • Within corners of high ceilings

  • Inside room decor, like a vase, clock or picture frame

  • Stuffed animal

What to Consider Before Hiding a Security Camera

Before hiding a security camera outside and/or inside your home, there are a few things you should take into consideration: 

  • Make sure nothing would block the camera. Even though smart home security cameras are good at ignoring the “noise” like pets or tree branches, you don’t want to have a complete blockage in your range of view.

  • Choose a security camera that blends in with its surroundings best. If you’re trying to hide one on your house that’s painted white, then a white camera would work, but if you’re trying to hide it in a bush, black might be the way to go. Some people may also paint their cameras, but you should be careful with this.

  • If your camera is battery-operated, make sure you know when you need to charge it. You wouldn’t have to charge all your hidden cameras at the same time!

  • Wireless security cameras still need to be within your network’s range in order to connect to the Wi-Fi

  • Privacy. Hiding outdoor cameras is one thing, but if you start hiding them in your home, this is a very sensitive issue and you should be careful about recording people without their consent, as well as placing cameras in private areas of the home.

Hidden or not, smart home security cameras have many great features to help you feel safe at home, whether you’re far away or sleeping in your bed at night. From keeping an eye on your kids to detecting porch pirates and possible intruders, security cameras can be used on their own or as part of an entire smart home security package.