SimpliSafe’s 2023 Trend Report: A Figurative Look Under the Roofs of Americans’ Homes

Posted February 1st, 2023 by SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe recently announced the release of their inaugural ‘Under One Roof’ report, which examines how Americans’ views of their homes have changed over the past few years. As the experts in protection, safeguarding more than 4 million people, SimpliSafe is committed to understanding how consumers of varying demographics perceive their safety at different moments in time – whether that’s during a major life stage such as a move, peak travel seasons or a global pandemic.

’Under One Roof’ examines how perceptions of protection and safety have evolved since the pandemic, specifically focusing on factors such as the return to office, increase in travel, boom in pet ownership and rise of the gig economy. According to the report, 25% of respondents work remotely now in some capacity, compared to less than 6% pre-pandemic.

“The pandemic brought about countless changes to the way we work, live, socialize, travel and more, and it also affected how we utilize technology. Home security systems were once purely utilitarian tools, but now, they’re instrumental in protecting not only our physical wellbeing but also our mental wellbeing,” said Brenda Bynarowicz, Senior Vice President of Marketing from SimpliSafe. “The ‘Under One Roof’ report confirms what we know to be true, that as a home security company, we have the unique ability to help people be and feel safe, protecting their homes, the lives they’ve built and ultimately, their mental wellbeing.”

Key trends from the report include:

  • Apart, but Connected – Protection is the primary intention of home security, but it’s an equally effective tool for providing peace of mind. Fifty-six percent of people are using their home security technology as a way to check in on their loved ones.

  • The Gig is in With Gen Z – Despite gig workers becoming increasingly commonplace, Americans are overall wary of letting gig workers like dog walkers, grocery couriers, and contractors inside while they’re not home, with only 12 percent of respondents feeling comfortable with it. Of those that are comfortable with it, younger generations are 4x more likely than older generations to trust gig economy workers in their homes.

  • Fear Not, Furry Friends – Pets are an integral part of a family, and the data illustrates the priority Americans place on their furry friends. When pet parents aren’t home, 66 percent check on their pet virtually via their home security for peace of mind. Millennials and Gen Z lead the pack, with Millennials (44 percent) checking on their pets more often than any other generation, closely followed by Gen Z (39 percent).

  • Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind – Americans are reporting a heightened awareness when it comes to leaving their homes behind and are craving peace of mind when they hit the road. Home security has evolved into a critical part of maintaining “mental security” from afar. In fact, 65 percent of respondents say having a home security system puts their mind at ease while traveling, and that figure increases to 69 percent when looking at parents.

  • Remote Peace of Mind – As more people work from home, even if only part of the time, they are increasingly using home security as a protective and routine measure. Peace of mind is the number one reason respondents cite buying a home security system, with 83 percent indicating it was one of their top three purchase drivers.

As part of the ‘Under One Roof’ report release, SimpliSafe is also partnering with Dr. Sundas Pasha Fick, a Behavioral Medicine Psychologist who, like SimpliSafe, understands human behavior at home. Dr. Pasha Fick will leverage her expertise to help unpack the emotional and behavioral drivers that are shifting perceptions of home protection.

“For most people, home has always been a safe haven, and after an unprecedented amount of time at home over the last few years, the attachments we’ve formed to our physical spaces are stronger than ever before,” explains Dr. Sundas Pasha Fick. “The ‘Under One Roof’ report reveals that as Americans are increasingly drawn back into the world, they are grappling with feeling separated from their homes, and the report highlights how people are finding connection amidst this struggle. I am excited to partner with SimpliSafe to help consumers build a greater understanding of the connection between personal safety and peace of mind.”

The ‘Under One Roof’ Trend Report is informed by survey data collected in November 2022 by Prodege and commissioned by SimpliSafe of 1,000 U.S. residents over the age of 18. You can download the full SimpliSafe ‘Under One Roof’ Trend Report here.