A Guide to Wireless Home Security Systems

Posted November 29th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

What is a Wireless Home Security System?

A wireless home security system is -- as it sounds -- a home security system that doesn’t use any hardwiring, and instead connects over the home’s wifi. (More on that in a bit.) Generally, a wireless home security system allows the buyer to customize their system to their needs and budget, purchasing security equipment as needed, along with any add-ons. 

The Difference Between a Wireless and Hardwired Security System 

These days, wireless home security systems are becoming more popular, especially compared to a hardwired -- or, more traditional -- security system. A wireless security system is usually a DIY, self-installed security system, where you can create your own home security package and connect all devices to your WiFi, and can connect all the separate devices together over the internet signal. There are no contracts, and it’s easy to buy equipment within a set budget. You can choose to monitor yourself and add-on professional monitoring.

On the other hand, a hardwired or professionally installed security system would have to be connected to the home’s wiring, back to a central control panel. Generally, the security company manages all the equipment and monitoring, and there are usually contracts and higher expenses. A professional will need to come to your home and install the system themselves, a larger undertaking than wireless systems due to the hardwiring that needs to take place. 

All this considered, a wireless home security system may feature some equipment that requires batteries or hardwiring to some extent, such as a video doorbell. And, traditional home security systems may also have equipment that’s “smart” and can connect to your home’s WiFi as well.

How Does a Wireless Home Security System Work

A wireless home security works by connecting to your home's Wi-Fi. By using radio signals, the devices can communicate with each other and the central “hub” in order to work. These WiFi signals can also send messages to the professional monitoring system as well as dispatch authorities, without being hardwired to your home. 

The Benefits of a Wireless Home Security System

There are many benefits of a wireless home security system, including -- but, not limited to:

  • The opportunity to select from devices that fit your needs and budget best

  • Comprehensive protection through a variety of different devices and add-ons

  • The ability to install yourself/DIY

  • No need to create a mess with installation

  • Lower cost of investing in a system/equipment overall

  • Ease of adding on other services at a low cost

  • No surprises or contracts that lock you in

What Should You Look for in a Wireless Home Security System?

Because of all the benefits that come with a wireless home security system, it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding which system is best for you. There are many companies out there and it’s important to take your time to see what’s out there. It is your peace of mind, after all!

When buying a wireless home security system, you’ll want to look at:

  • Price

  • The type of security equipment available

  • The quality of the equipment -- is it high-tech enough, for instance, to ignore pets on the video cameras or have night vision? 

  • How easy it is to install that equipment, and connect the system to WiFi and the base station

  • What type of add-ons are available

  • The ability to easily connect all the devices, especially if you decide to buy more

  • The type of personal and professional monitoring available

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