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Early Access Black Friday Sale
Early Access
Black Friday Sale
$200 OFF

Earn 10,000 TrueBlue Points with SimpliSafe

To get your points, have your TrueBlue number ready at checkout

Security Camera

Keep watch over your home and family.

$99 ea

Entry Sensor

Protect additional windows and doors that may become accessible to intruders.

$14.99 ea

Motion Sensor

Great for rooms with lots of windows, sensors detect any motion within 30 ft. Works great with pets up to 50 lbs.

$29.99 ea

Glassbreak Sensor

Detects shattering glass from 20 ft. away. Use with motion detectors in rooms with many windows or glass doors.

$34.99 ea

Water Sensor

Will trigger an alarm whenever it comes in contact with water, preventing costly damage from leaks & floods.

$19.99 ea

Freeze Sensor

Will trigger an alarm when your home temperature falls below 41°F—an early warning of potential bursting pipes.

$29.99 ea

Extra Keychain Remote

Easily arm & disarm with a Keychain Remote. Its panic button also offers protection as you enter your apartment.

$24.99 ea

Extra 105db Siren

This delivers ear-blasting burglar deterrence. Completely Wireless & rated for indoor or outdoor use.

$59.99 ea

Panic Button

Help is always at your fingertips when you place Panic Buttons in easy-to-reach locations.

$19.99 ea

Smoke Detector

This monitored smoke detector will sound its own internal siren & trigger a full-blown security system alarm.

$29.99 ea

CO Detector

Detects dangerous levels of CO in your home and triggers an alert giving you time to get out of the house.

$49.99 ea

Extra Keypad

Place extra keypads at the entrances of your home that are utilized most frequently.

$69.99 ea

Replacement Cap

In case you’ve lost your Keychain Remote cap, order a replacement here.

$1.99 ea

Extra Entry Magnet

If you’d like to leave a window slightly open, use an extra magnet to protect your window in the open position.

$4.99 ea

(5) Window Decals

Place these SimpliSafe decals on your windows and doors as an extra deterrent.

$4.99 /pack

Yard Sign

They measure 9”x 9” with
all-weather adhesive
pre-applied on the back.

$3.99 ea

Glassbreak Battery

This CR-123A lithium battery lasts for up to 5 years and is easily installed.

$4.99 ea

(4) Keypad/Siren Replacement Batteries

Lasting 1-2 years, these AA batteries are easily installed in your Keypad or Siren.

$3.99 /pack

Water & Freeze Replacement Battery

This CR2450 lithium battery powers your Freeze and Water Sensors and is easily installed.

$3.99 ea

Keychain Remote Replacement Battery

This CR1632 lithium battery lasts for up to 5 years and is easily installed.

$2.99 ea

Panic Button Replacement Battery

This CR2032 lithium battery lasts for up to 5 years and is easily installed.

$3.99 ea

(6) Adhesive Tape for Sensors

3M Command Strips hold firmly, come off cleanly, and leave no wall damage.

$3.99 /pack

(4) Adhesive Tape for Entry Magnets

If you’re moving your entry sensors, don’t forget adhesive tape for magnets!

$1.99 /pack

How to add a sensor to your SimpliSafe alarm

  1. Press MENU on your Keypad and enter your MASTER PIN
  2. Select “Add Sensors” in the Menu system and then choose the type of sensor you want to add.
  3. Enter the new sensor’s 5 digit serial number. Double check that the serial number on the Keypad matches the one on the sensor exactly.
  4. Press enter and you will hear the Base Station announce “sensor added.”