If you're having trouble with your SimpliSafe system, there are several ways to figure out and solve problems:

  • Use your Keychain Remote to find the problem and get suggested fixes:

    Your Keychain Remote has a built-in diagnostic tool to help you find and fix problems. To use this tool, first insert your Keychain Remote into the top of the Base Station to give it the most recent status information. Then insert your Keychain Remote into your computer. The SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard will appear and when you click on "Help" and then "Troubleshoot", the Wizard will use troubleshooting data from your system to help diagnose and solve your problem. Please follow the onscreen instructions.

    If this does not solve your problem or you would like more help, select "Contact SimpliSafe" from the Keychain remote's help screen (main menu > help > contact SimpliSafe). This will send your troubleshooting data, along with a message from you, to a Customer Support Agent who will respond to your questions.

  • Use the table below to respond to any warning messages from your system:

    SimpliSafe will warn you of potential problems with a flashing blue light at the bottom of the Base Station and messages displayed on the Keypad. Here are some common warnings and recommended solutions:


    “1 Entry Sensor open”

    “2 Entry Sensors open”

    SimpliSafe is warning you that you may have left a door or window open. Close open doors / windows. If they are already closed, make sure each Entry Sensor and its magnet are less than 2 inches apart.

    “Alarm, Panic Button”

    “Alarm, Entry Sensor”

    “Alarm, Motion Sensor”

    SimpliSafe is warning you that there was a recent alarm. Use caution when entering your home. The warning message will be cleared when you press any key (on your Keypad or Keychain Remote).

    “Keypad Battery Low”

    Replace Keypad batteries: slide the front of the Keypad up and off of the wall (the back will remain adhered to the wall) and replace the AA batteries.

    “Keypad Out of Range”

    Your Keypad and Base Station are too far apart for reliable wireless communication. Move them closer together. You may also be able to extend the range of your Keypad by replacing its batteries, if they are getting low.

    “Error, Sensor # ____”

    One of your wireless sensors is not responding. Move the sensor and Base Station closer together or replace the sensor’s battery.

    “Power outage”

    System will function as usual for 8 hours on backup battery. If your home has not lost power, make sure the SimpliSafe wall plug is securely inserted into your power outlet and the Base Station.

    “No Link to Dispatcher”

    SimpliSafe cannot communicate with the Emergency Dispatch Service. Move the Base Station near a window for better reception or connect it to a landline. If you are using a landline, make sure the phone cord is securely connected to the wall jack and the Base Station, and that there are no other phones off the hook in your home.

    “Sensor already added”

    This message is displayed when you are adding a sensor that is already present in the system. You don’t need to take any action; your sensor is already ready to use.

    “Can’t remove current"

    This message is displayed when you try to remove the Keypad that you are currently using. The only way to remove a Keypad is with another Keypad or through the Easy Setup Wizard.

  • Talk to us:

    We're here to help. Give us a call at 1-888-95-SIMPLI (957-4675) or contact us online and we'll help you solve your problem