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24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Police sent straight to your door.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring and Emergency Dispatch Service

Only $14.99/month

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or activation fees.

For less than 50 cents per day, you’ll have a team of professional operators ensuring the safety of your home round-the-clock. Subscribe and your system’s built-in micro cell phone will transmit your alarm signals to us.

No Contract • No Phone Line Needed • Cancel Anytime • UL Certified

We highly recommend you subscribe, however alarm monitoring is completely optional. You can cancel or re-activate it anytime and rest assured we will never charge any cancellation or activation fees.

email and sms text alerts of alarm activity

Additional $5.00/month

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or activation fees.

Add Instant SMS/Email Alerts (stay in the know)

With Smart Alerts, your SimpliSafe Base Station will provide increased reporting directly to your smart phone or email.

  • Know when your alarm is triggered
  • Know when your system is armed or disarmed (great for knowing when your family is home safe)
  • Know if your home has lost power—and when power is restored

We highly recommend these alerts for families, businesses keeping track of employees, and vacation homes. Not sure? You can always add or remove this option at anytime. We never charge cancellation or activation fees.

How Monitoring Works

Because Simplisafe’s Base Station is equipped with a cellular module, there’s no phone line for a burglar to cut.

How Monitoring Works


When a sensor is triggered, it will alert your Base Station. The Base Station will send an alarm signal over our cellular network to our monitoring center.


Our professional staff receive your alarm signal and will contact you before calling the police.


Unless you cancel the alarm with your safe word, we will dispatch the police to your location to apprehend burglars and make sure you are safe.

Night & Day

Whether you're cooking dinner or at the office, we've got you covered.

home security while you're home home security while you're home

Home Mode

Safety when you're home

Whether you're sleeping or awake, having your system in the "home" mode will activate all Entry Sensors. By default, your Motion Sensors will be off, so you can roam freely about your home. Need more flexibility? Just flip a setting to select which Motion Sensors you'd like to be active, even in the home mode. Your Panic Buttons are always active too -- just hold down the button to let us know there's someone in your home and we'll let the police know that you're in danger.

You can live daily life with the comfort of knowing you're safe.

Away Mode

Security when you're not there

When you're leaving your house, press "away" and leave your home with peace of mind. In "away" mode, both your Motion Sensors and Entry Sensors provide two layers of defense against intruders. You'll know that your home is protected with our 24/7 Emergency Dispatch Center ready to notify you in case of an emergency.

You can head out into your city and enjoy it, because we've got your home and valuables covered.

arm your security system in the home mode arm your alarm system in the away mode
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