Camera Update from SimpliSafe

Update on Our Cameras In August, we announced the approaching arrival of our cameras. Since that time, we’ve been hard at work to give you a great camera that we can stand behind. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard and stubbornly won't settle for less. We wouldn’t do that to you.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Professional Monitoring Service

Monitoring service can help you when you need it most. Learn everything you need to know about this life saving protection here.

How to Stay Safe When Expecting Trick-or-Treat-ers

Halloween safety is more than just keeping kids safe. Learn the ropes of staying safe when strangers are knocking on your door!

5 Tricks and Treats to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us. You'll be out with your kids, knocking on doors, searching for candy. But how do you avoid ghouls and keep your kids safe? Find out here!

How Away Mode Keeps Your Home Safe When You're Not There

Away Mode is an essential feature of your home security system. Make sure you know everything there is to know about it in this ultimate guide.

Everything You Need to Know About Home Mode

What is the best way to protect your family when you're home at night? The answer is Home Mode: a feature of your security system that will allow you to be protected, without tripping any alarms.

The 4 Best Times to Change Your Door Locks

When was the last time you changed your locks? You're probably due for a visit from the locksmith. Your home security will thank you.

"I Felt Safe Again When I Got Home Security"

Feeling at safe at home is essential. But how do you achieve it? Read the real story of one woman who found out how to feel safe again after a break-in.

Live Here Not There: 5 Cities with Low Burglary Rates

What city can you live in with great communities and great safety? We took a look at U.S. cities with low burglary rates, and what they did to get them!

SimpliSafe Cameras Are On The Way

You've asked for them, and now, they're coming: Cameras.

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