How to Keep Your First Apartment Safe and Secure

The big day is here: you're moving into your first apartment. But how do you keep your dream first apartment from turning into a nightmare situation? Know how to protect your first house, and make sure that your first home is safe.

3 Creative Ways to Use Your Security System to Protect Your Kids

You know how your home security system can keep you and your family safe against burglars, but it can also keep your family safe in other ways! Learn how to get the most from your system, and how to keep your kids safe when you're home and away from the house!

What to Do If You Come Home to Evidence of a Break-In

When we think of a burglary, you probably imagine you'll be home during it. But what happens if you come home to find your home has burglarized? We examined the best steps to take so you remain safe and secure after a break-in.

You’ve Had a Break-In: Now What?

Being burglarized is your worst nightmare. But how do you recover? Here's your first few steps to begin the road to recovery after a break-in, and to make your family and home secure once more.

What To Do If You're Home During a Break In

It's everyone's worst nightmare: you hear a your window break downstairs and now there's someone in your house. Don't panic. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe if you're ever home during a break in.

Protect Your Home With Layered Security Through Glass Break Sensors

Home security relies on layered protection. Now that you have your Entry Sensors and Motion Sensors in place, how can you add another layer to make sure your home is as secure as possible? Glass Break Sensors.

Seven Last Minute Tech Gifts to Protect Your Home

'Tis the season to protect your home, and the homes of your friends and family. Looking for a last minute present? Give the gift of security this year and your loved ones will be safe for years to come!

6 Cold Weather Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe and Warm

Oh the weather outside is frightful, so it's time to take care of your home's winter security needs!

9 Common Burglary Myths Debunked

Movies and television provide plenty of misconceptions about burglary, so we went into make sure the facts are clear. When you know the facts about break ins you can best protect your home against burglary!

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Community Safer

Your neighborhood is the first line of defense for your home. Find out how creating a community can protect your house and your family!

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