5 Ways to Secure Your Basement and Keep Burglars Out

We’ve gathered some quick and simple home security tips to make sure your basement is as safe as houses.

Where to Place Your Panic Buttons: Keep Calm and Think Strategic

When installing your alarm system, it’s important to think about your safety while you’re home as much as your house’s safety when you’re away.

Think Like A Burglar: When Do Burglars Strike?

Know the most common times break ins occur and you will be able to prepare and better protect your home against burglars!

Think Like A Burglar: Where to Place Door Sensors in Your Home

Know where the most common break-in entry points are, and then make sure they're secure!

Beware of Criminals - The Do's and Don't's of Summertime Door Knockers

Avoid falling victim to unwanted solicitors and scam artists this summer with a few cautionary tips!

5 Reasons SimpliSafe is A Great Father’s Day Gift

Still looking for a Father’s Day Present? Look no further! SimpliSafe is a great present for any dad.

See how the competition stacks up in our Home Security Smackdown

12 Dogs That Are So Cute They Would Make a Burglar Go Awwww

Tough dogs aren't the only ones who can stop a burglar in his tracks.

SimpliSafe Protects a Tank!

How do you secure your project when its larger than a car? See how one creative SimpliSafe customer used his system to protect his tank!

It’s a dangerous world nowadays and there are all kinds of bad guys out there. Crime has been steadily rising, and we all need to be ever more vigilant to avoid falling victim to theft.

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