Announcing: SimpliSafe Scholars

SimpliSafe is now offering two Scholarships, each for $1000. Applications are due May 31st!

Safety for Cyclists: Tips for Biking Safely

Safety isn't limited to your home. And though your Base Station might not fit on your bicycle, we've compiled some SimpliSafe-approved bike safety tips for you!

Everything There is to Know About Your Keychain Remote

You SimpliSafe Keychain Remote is an easy way to control your system. Get to know your remote, so that you're using it to its full potential.

Room by Room Safety: What's Lurking in Your Basement?

Now that you've tackled the kitchen and the bathroom, it's time to make sure your basement is safe from burglars and the elements.

Room by Room Safety: Dangers in the Bathroom

How safe is your bathroom? There a few easy steps you can take to minimize slips, falls, and even germs.

Room By Room Safety: Dangers in the Kitchen

Learn to protect yourself against more than just burglary. In this week's Room by Room Safety we tackle dangers in the kitchen.

Choose Safety: The World’s Safest Travel Destinations

Whether travelling is a New Year's Resolution, or you're already a seasoned traveller, picking a destination can be a tough decision. When choosing it's important to consider the safety of the country you're going to. We've compiled a list of some of the safest countries in the world.

Terry and Alex: Battles With the Elements

Terry and Alex tell us about how SimpliSafe has protected them from fire and water. How can SimpliSafe protect your home from the elements?

SimpliSafe for Seniors: Keeping Mom and Dad Safe

We don't need to tell you that you want to protect your family, but sometimes your family isn't all under one roof. Have you considered SimpliSafe for your parents?

How to Protect Your Packages this Holiday Season

With the surge of online shopping, the threat of porch pirates climbs. Keep your packages safe from burglars posing as delivery men with these tips.

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