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We don't outsource your support. Our US based team of customer care technicians are committed to speedy service.

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At Simplisafe we deliver fanatical customer support. We are committed to your satisfaction and available to answer your questions on the phone or via email.

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You won't get passed on from phone tree to phone tree in order to get a replacement part; our technicians can diagnose any product issue and make decisions that will ensure a speedy resolution of any problem.

Customer review: Jeremy M., New York, NY

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"I just wanted to post my resolution to a recent technical situation. SimpliSafe IMMEDIATELY sent out a replacement main unit and the second I plugged it in everything was thumbs up. I cannot emphasize enough how QUICK the unit made it from the east coast to south Texas. I have not seen this type of customer service EVER. This is how it should be, a company with a great product that stands behind it and goes out of their way to make things right if there is a problem. It is easy to lose faith in the sea of un-reliable companies that are flooding the consumer marketplace and SimpliSafe has renewed the concept of a REPUTABLE company. I will go out of my way to recommend these guys to anyone I know! Thank you to EVERYONE that was involved in taking care of my situation."