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24/7 Protection. Exceptional Savings. No Annual Contracts.

Superior Protection. Introducing 24/7 protection you can truly trust to keep your home safe. SimpliSafe is an award-winning home security system--built by a Harvard-educated engineer. It protects your home with wireless technology. SimpliSafe is so remarkably effective a Wisconsin police department uses it to catch criminals.

Tech experts at CNET call SimpliSafe “better, smarter home security...an outstanding value.” Why? We got rid of everything that makes most home security such a pain. There’s no annual contracts, no middlemen, and no landline needed. You get superior protection—for less than ½ what traditional companies charge.

Get more security, more freedom, and more savings. That’s SimpliSafe.

“I built SimpliSafe to make home security simpler and smarter. It uses advanced wireless technology, there’s no annual contracts, and it saves you hundreds. I’m proud of that.”

Chad Laurans, CEO & Chief Engineer

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Dave Ramsey recommends SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Systems

Dave Ramsey, Personal Finance Expert:

“Protecting your family is important, but don’t ever sign a long-term contract. Do it the right way with SimpliSafe. These are the good guys!”

Chief Joe Balog recommends SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Systems

Joe Balog, Police Chief:

"My force used SimpliSafe to stop a serial burglary ring. It still helps us catch other criminals in the act today."

SimpliSafe has an A+ rating with the BBB and has won awards from CNet and Angie's List

Award-Winning Home Security

Winner of CNET Editor’s Choice Award, Angie’s List Super Service Award, and A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Unlike SimpliSafe, most burglar alarms are far too expensive, here’s why...

Other security companies have to pay multiple people to get you a security system

With so many people making a profit, they need to use sneaky tactics to extract money from you

  • They bait you with a “$99” offer though there’s typically $1,500 of hidden fees beneath the hood.
  • They lock you into 2-3 year contracts that contain fine print such as auto-renewal clauses. (Click to find out why the Government is considering making them illegal).
  • Their alarms use old wired technology and they’re hard to use (so you need to pay a service engineer for even the most straightforward task).
SimpliSafe is delivered straiht to your door

At SimpliSafe, There Are
No Middlemen.

SimpliSafe has sliced out shady annual contracts, intrusive installations, and costly middlemen. We designed our system from scratch to give you everything you need in a security system plus some exciting bells and whistles. We sell direct to you, online. Our system is easy to self-install, and we pass the savings onto you with excellent equipment pricing and monthly monitoring for just $14.99/month.


SimpliSafe Features at a Glance

Lightning Fast Cellular Connection

No Phoneline Needed. Independent cellular connection that can't be cut by intruders. Learn more

24/7 Professional Monitoring and Police Dispatch

In an emergency, every second counts. Learn more about our instant intrusion response.

On-the-Go Mobile Control

You’ll have access to advanced system control from your smartphone or laptop. Learn more

Secret! Alerts (your eyes and ears at home)

Keep track of liquor cabinets, gun safes, medicine cabinets, file drawers & closets and more. Learn more

SMS Text & Email Alerts

With alarm and activity alerts sent directly to your phone, you’ll know what’s happening, when it happens. Learn more

Smash-Proof Protection

SimpliSafe will alert the police even if a burglar smashes the keypad. Learn more

Free and Easy to Install—in under an hour!

Wireless & installs in under an hour. Your system arrives pre- programmed to work instantly. Save Hundreds! Learn more

Best-in-Industry Professional Monitoring

We offer the highest caliber monitoring available for three times less. Learn more

Power Outage Protection

SimpliSafe runs on powerful lithium batteries that last 5 years so you stay secure when the electricity fails. Learn more

Save up to 20% on your Homeowners Insurance

Monitoring gets you discounts of up to 20% on your home insurance. Trusted by all major insurance companies.
Learn more

No Annual Contracts

Customers stay with us because of our exceptional security and legendary customer support, not because of contracts.
Learn more

Advanced Smoke and Fire Detection

Faster smoke and CO sensors ensure your safety in the event of a fire or gas leak emergency.Learn more

Wireless Sensors with Extreme Range

Sensors have a 400ft range and protect homes of any size. Systems are customizable to fit your needs. Learn more

Some alarms have huge commitments of over $1,000. Ours Don't.

36 Months at $42.99/month
Total Lock-In

Portable—Take it With You When You Move

Pack up your SimpliSafe and re-install it at your next home. And it grows with you: you can always add more sensors.
Learn more

Pet Friendly

From Tom and Jerry to Clifford and Fido, SimpliSafe gets along with pets of all shapes and sizes. Learn more

Access Your SimpliSafe Security System on a wide variety of devices

Total Control From Anywhere in the World

Free Apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. Take control of your security with a more sophisticated personal Command Center.

The New York Times Recommends SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Systems describes SimpliSafe alarms as

The New York Times Recommends SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems

Many alarm companies have absolutely huge sneaky hidden fees. They advertise their alarms as being “from $99”, then they get you to sign a contract for over $1,000—and you can’t leave them for at least 3 years. But SimpliSafe alarms have no hidden charges.

We’re so confident you’ll love your SimpliSafe alarm that we’ll let you try it RISK-FREE with an incredible no-risk 60-day money back guarantee. SimpliSafe alarms are reliable, easy to use, have no annual contracts and no hidden costs.

SimpliSafe has you covered anywhere in the U.S.A with with the Verizon and T-Moble networks

9 Things to Avoid When Choosing A
Traditional Alarm Company

We listened to all the things you dislike about traditional burglar alarm companies... then fixed them.

Traditional Alarm Company SimpliSafe: a Better Way

Old wired technology. Traditional alarm companies
want to put wires in your walls, because they know
that ripping their wires out is hard and expensive.

State-of-the-art 100% wireless technology. We
took micro-chip technology and
developed smarter software to offer you a robust
and reliable security system. With wireless, there
are no holes in your walls.

SimpliSafe Security Is 100% Wireless

Monitoring is $42.99 a month.

Ours is just $14.99 a month. SimpliSafe protects your home
with COPS Monitoring - named BEST MONITORING in the
Industry by the Central Station Alarm Association.

The moment you let them put a system into your home, you’re
typically locked into a $1,547 contract with no way out.

No annual contracts! Our customers stay with us because of
our excellent product quality and helpful customer support.

Auto-renewal clauses grab another $1,547 from you if you don’t
cancel them within 90 days of the end of your three-year term.
Forget to cancel? You’re legally trapped—there’s no way out.

No Contract With Simplisafe

No hidden charges, no
commitments, no sneaky tricks.

Many frustrated customers (just google “alarm system
complaints” or “alarm contract complaints” and see
for yourself).

Growing by word of mouth. See our Facebook fan page.

Uses a phone line to connect to the monitoring center.
Burglars sometimes cut phone lines.

Uses its built-in and independent cellular connection, which is
5-10 seconds faster, and is uncuttable. No phone line required.

Prices are kept high because there are so many
middlemen and salespeople involved.

We don’t have expensive salespeople or middlemen. That’s
how we can afford to keep our prices so low.

Installation typically costs between $99 and $500. You’ll
need to take a day off of work, while the installer drills
holes in your walls.

Set-up is easier than you could ever imagine. No tools
needed, just adhesive pads. The unit actually talks to you
while you’re setting it up. One of our customers purchased a
second system for his daughter’s home and was “looking
forward to the joy of installing it for her.” Watch our
easy installation video to see what he means.

Does easy set-up mean the system is flimsy or less secure?
No! Quite the opposite. No wires means there’s nothing for
burglars to cut.

As soon as you sign up, there’s no going back:
you cannot cancel even if you try.

We put our money where our mouth is: you can try us
completely risk free, with three amazing guarantees.
SimpliSafe comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

SimpliSafe is not for you if...


You have a HUGE home: If your home is larger than 20,000 square feet (about the size of a football field)—or if it has more than 50 windows on the first floor—you would probably benefit from a system that can handle a huge number of sensors. Our advice would be to go to a traditional contract security company —and keep in mind the things we’ve warned you about.


You run a large commercial property such as a shopping mall—you would probably benefit from a system that has CCTV or security guards, in which case you should probably go to one of the traditional contract security companies—and keep in mind the things we’ve warned you about.

However, if you’re one of the 95% of people who don’t run a large commercial property, then SimpliSafe is probably the best choice for you. If you’re in any doubt, contact one of our security consultants at 1-888-957-4675 for free friendly advice.

Check Out SimpliSafe’s 5-Minute Installation Video

This Secret to Easy Installation Will Save You Hundreds—See How!

SimpliSafe’s wireless sensors are so easy to install, even your kids could do it! Why spend hundreds when installation is this easy? Do it with the kids and save—in under an hour!

7 Ways to Stop Burglars From Choosing Your Home
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Heavy rains last night and my basement started taking on some water. My sump pump was unplugged. The Water sensor down there worked perfectly and alerted us to the problem. This is a great system, we've had it hooked up for months now and never had any problems. Thanks!
i love this system
Very economical Security System with $14.95 a month monitoring and no contract!
This is a GREAT SYSTEM and very affordable. Works perfectly and we are very HAPPY with it. The BEST & LOWEST monitoring rates around...
Installed the entire package yesterday and it took about 30 minutes. I used screws to secure the glass breakage monitors and motion sensors. I love the way my Iphone can activate and deactivate the system. I also love the flood sensor in our basement. Thi system truly gives a great piece of mind. Way to go, SimpliSafe.
Just activated our new SimpliSafe security system. Very easy to install and setup.
Just installed our new system.....it was as simple as advertised.
Great costumer Services I'm very happy !
We just installed the SimpliSafe system in our home. We didn't want holes drilled in our walls, doors and windows. Also the monthly fee we twice as much as with SimpliSafe. We couldn't be happier with it and highly recommend it if you are considering putting in a security system. We had it totally installed and working within an hour. If you have any questions, send me a message.
I love SimpliSafe. Easy to install, easy to use, great system, and the customer support is stellar. SimpliSafe is a model for how to treat customers. I would, and have, recommended SimpliSafe to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Great job SimpliSafe!
Got mine yesterday and set it up this morning... Super easy and I love it already
we're about to purchase this product. I'm excited to get started! we've been over paying the other guys for so long.
I have had simplisafe for about 6 months and it is so EASY AND LIVES UP TO ALL IT'S PROMISES!
Just want to say thank you. I installed my Simply safe system in 2012 and upgraded it in 2014. I have many senors installed, three motion detectors, two keypads and also two additional sirens. Other than changing the batteries and a faulty sensor, the system has been working flawlessly. Its a great system very reliable. I never had a false alarm no did it ever fail. The wireless technology is the best bar non. I test my system once a month and all is good. When a faulty sensor is detected it displays this information on the key pad. The only suggestion to users is make a spread sheet on the locations of the sensors so you can locate it quckly if one should become faulty. Change all the sensor batteries every three to five years. Thanks again Simply Safe.
You guys are awesome! for some reason my alarm was not linking to dispatcher .. I disarmed it and told myself I will call after dinner within seconds I got a call from you guys... you rock! Thanks! :)
Great system, great price, easy to install
Dad and uncle gave the good word referral. Have my package arriving soon. Thanks for making the process easy.
Hey Simplisafe! Over the last couple of days, I have been ripping out all of my ADT equipment and installing Simplisafe. I must tell you, so far I am very impressed with the simplicity in setting things up and activating sensors and sirens. On Saturday I activate the monitoring service online, painless! Today I received the 2nd keypad and siren I ordered. While playing with the system, I hit the panic button, the monitoring service called my cell which was downstairs, so I didn't answer, then they call my wife phone and she didn't answer. I called back to tell them I was screwing around with the system, but apparently the police was call. The police dispatch called me and asked if everything was ok, and to go outside and let the officers know things were ok. That wasn't even five minutes!! I am totally impressed!! Well done Simplisafe. I will be ordering more sensors in the coming week. Great product!!!
I installed my security system yesterday. I was shocked at how fast and easy it was to install!. If is had any idea how easy it was to do myself I could have saved so much money over the years I've been with adt. It's not too late for you to start saving! Buy SimpliSafe and start saving today! If I can do it anyone can! Thank you SimpliSafe!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending me two cases of water since I live in Flint! What a pleasant surprise! It would be awesome if more companies were like that. It's the little things like that, which make a huge difference! I'm really glad to be a customer of yours, and I think I made the right choice in choosing you guys for my home security! Thanks again!! I really appreciate it! :)
Loving our new SimpliSafe Security System!!!!!
I have been using this service for a couple years and today we accidently triggered the alarm and shut it off in 2 seconds and the phone rang. Amazing how quick you guys are to respond. Gives me comfort! Thank you!
I cannot say enough GOOD about this system. A friend had researched security systems for her mother's house, and told me about SimpliSafe. I INSTALLED IT MYSELF. Now that should tell you something right there. I am NOT mechanical. EASY. No tools needed. You do not have a contract. You buy the base system package, and then select your own pieces to suit your own home. AND, it is removable and portable to another home if you move. Recommended by Dave Ramsey ( I am a fan of his.) The people on the phone at SimpliSafe are wonderful, no pressure.They speak clear English. Honestly, I should go to work for this company. I could sell this to The White House! (Secret Service needs help!)
This service is wonderful, amazing and all the other good words. I was in a car wreck and hurt all over! My husband helped me out of the car. He didn't know he hit panic button on keys until our neighbor came over. The police came too, We apologize for that and thank you for the feeling of safety you have given us. We are old and we can depend on you. That is priceless.
I already LOVE my SimpliSafe System!
Just installed my system it was easy and quick
I've had my SimpliSafe alarm for a little over a month and I'm very happy with it. After I installed it and used it for a couple of days I tested it against my ADT system that was still on. With both alarms set off SimpliSafe called me 30 seconds faster than ADT. I got a system for my parents house and 2 weeks later they had a water leak in the basement while on the road for a day trip. Fortunately they were only 15 miles from home when SimpliSafe called. The sump pump had failed and Dad was able to replace it before anything was damaged. They don't go to the basement everyday so they would not have known there was a leak until the basement was flooded if it wasn't for the SimpliSafe water sensor.
Already paid for itself! Installed our system, went through the 'test period' and within ONE WEEK, the water~sensor placed at our water~heater, alarmed. Sure enough, the T/P valve opened on our water heater and the alarm sounded. Monitoring service responded in under 60 seconds. No water damage whatsoever! Way to go Simplisafe!
This system looks like it is the perfect solution for those wanting more home security!
Great customer service. Not too hard to set up and install. I am a born cynic, and I highly recommend these people.
Just got our system installed yesterday. Instant feeling of security. Works great! I had a little trouble with the motion detector because we have a Golden Retriever and a Goldendoodle, both weigh about 60 lbs. I mounted it upside down at about 5 ft and it works great. I only hope a 3' thief doesn't get past the entry alarms. :)
We LOVE the new app! Much more user friendly! Thanks!!!
Appreciate the fyi texts during the brownouts that we had! :)
The best I have EVER seen and believe I checked all out. Great customer support. I can't say enough about my SimpleSafe..now I feel SimpSafe. Pun intended!
I'm blow'n away by SimpliSafe's QUICK response to issues. Even in the "Test Mode", they are quick to call to affirm that I'm testing. Two calls while I was testing my Smoke Detectors. Doesn't get better than that!!!!!!
Just got my system and installed it yesterday. I am impressed with it so far. No permit is needed for police/fire. I like that I can arm/disarm my system from my smartphone app. Can't wait til the cameras come out for this system. Thank you to all at simplisafe for making a system that has an low affordable monitoring fee. Best DIY installed system out there in the market and it took me ONLY 10 minutes to install. :-)
SimpliSafe works. Our home was burglarized two weeks ago. I purchased a system that night and installed it within the week. Today, the thieves returned and the alarm scared them off. The officers were at my home within minutes. Nothing was taken. Thank you, SimpliSafe.
Just updated the Simplisafe app. Fingerprint reader works. Pin works. Much more responsive. Now that's an app!!!
I love the new app and how I can use my finger print to log in!!!
Just put one of these in as we are going to be away frequently this winter. We are real impressed with the way it works.
I have SimpliSafe home security and very satisfied with the system. Trying to encourage family and friends to invest in home security. I hope some will take the time to consider this product.
We love our new security system !
works for us!!!
Been using Simplisafe for the past few years. Works awesome, no contracts, take it with you if you move, great for dorms. I bought the least expensive system and have added more sensors, etc... over time.
We have it and we love it.
We love our SimpliSafe security system! It really is simple and easy to setup. One of the pieces will let you know if a window is broken. It hears the glass break. Thank you SimpliSafe!
I've had the system going on a year now, and it continues to give me the feeling of security and ease of usage my family desires. I've been looking forward to the release of cameras for even greater internal surveillance during times we are away.
Just simply the best.

Rave Reviews from Experts Everywhere

“No installation, no contracts, very smart.”
“All the bells and whistles for a lot less money”
David vs Goliath, SimpliSafe vs ADT: SimpliSafe aims to upstage their larger rivals by giving consumers what they really want. Even without fancy marketing, word is spreading.”
“Ideal for people who may not want to wire up their security systems or poke holes in wallboard…SimpliSafe makes it easier to build an intelligent living space.”
A deserving winner of our Editors’ Choice Award: SimpliSafe protects your home in a way that’s comprehensive and yet also remarkably user-friendly. It’s thoughtfully designed for better, smarter home security. You can count on SimpliSafe...an outstanding value.”
“SimpliSafe shuns the long-term service contracts often required by alarm companies.”
“Wireless Wonders: SimpliSafe is an affordable, but full-featured, wireless security system similar to the expensive, professionally installed ones.”
Rating: Strong Recommend (the highest rating): “This is a system anyone could setup in under 30 minutes...If you’ve got a car alarm, using the SimpliSafe system will come as naturally and easily. All sensor units come prepared with removable adhesive backs (the 3M variety that adheres well, but removes easily).”
“Some things can keep you tethered to landline service, such as your home’s security system. Not so with SimpliSafe Inc.”
SimpliSafe was featured in Elle Decor’s top punchlist.
“There’s no minimum contract, it’s totally wireless, and it arrives at your doorstep pre-programmed.”
“SimpliSafe offers wireless, plug-and-play security for urban dwellers—increasingly being used in the era of disappearing land lines.”
If a burglar enters while you're at home...Here's what you must do
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“This ingenious security system uses wireless technology...”
“Security Doesn’t Get Any Easier. Setup took less than 15 minutes from start to finish and drastically improved my peace of mind.”
“SimpliSafe is our idea of not getting robbed.”
“I really like the SimpliSafe security system for its easy setup, expandability, custom setup options and ability to move with you if you relocate. I think the price for the system is really affordable when you compare it to other security systems on the market. It gets a thumbs up from me.”
“SimpliSafe is an affordable, full-featured wireless alarm system you can take with you whenever you move. It’s linked to an emergency dispatch center, and there is no minimum contract. The product arrives pre-programmed and setup takes only 15 minutes.”
SimpliSafe burglar alarm box and keychain

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Protect Your Whole House in Under an Hour

SimpliSafe is completely wireless and installs in under an hour. Our system arrives pre-programmed to work instantly. No wires, no strangers drilling holes in your walls—
No Install Fee!

Love it... Or return it for a full refund

Test any one of our alarm system packages
below. If you aren't 100% delighted, call us
within 60 days for a FULL REFUND and let
us pay for return shipping.

SimpliSafe guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We at Simplisafe are committed to providing you with
only the best products and services. Our goal is to
make your life safer and easier. If you are in any way
unsatisfied with your SimpliSafe product or service,
please contact us and we’ll do our best to make it right.

SimpliSafe guarantee

3 Year Product Warranty

Even after 60 days has passed, you still benefit from our
three-year product warranty. If anything goes wrong with
your system, just call us (1-888-957-4675) and we’ll do
whatever it takes to sort things out usually, we’ll just send you
a replacement part, completely free of charge. We can afford
to offer this because our components are so reliable.

SimpliSafe guarantee

What is an “auto-renewal clause” anyway?

Most alarm companies have an automatic renewal clause in their monitoring and service contract (and use teeny tiny font). This means that your contract will be renewed for anywhere from 12 months to three years, unless you cancel by mail within 30 days before the end of your contract. Many of the nationwide and local alarm companies use this tactic. Cancelling early usually involves a penalty of 75% to 100% of the value of the contract.

Sneaky auto-renewal clause

SimpliSafe offers monthly alarm monitoring. There are no contracts to sign, so there’s no fear of getting tricked by fine print and hidden fees. You can cancel your SimpliSafe alarm monitoring anytime by simply giving us a call.