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SimpliSafe carbon monoxide detectors protect your family from harm

Glassbreak sensors make your alarm system even stronger—but they can’t replace the full protection of motion and entry sensors. Use them to add a third layer of protection to first floor rooms with lots of windows and/or a glass sliding door.

Glassbreak Sensor

(detects the unique sound of shattering glass)

Glassbreak Sensors add an extra layer of security by triggering an alarm if a burglar smashes a window to enter your home. SimpliSafe Glassbreak sensors are engineered to detect the sound of shattering glass from 30 feet away in any direction.

SimpliSafe’s Glassbreak Sensors use an advanced Detection Algorithm plus Digital Signal Processing to more accurately identify the unique sound pattern of glass breaking.

Additional Information:

  • Sensitivity settings allow you to increase and decrease the range of sound detection to your preference. Easy to test to find the optimum range for your home.
  • Glassbreak Sensors remain active even when you’re in the room, giving you an added layer of security when your motion detectors are off.
  • 3” x 2.25” x 1.5” – Smaller and more discreet than traditional wired sensors.
Price: $34.99
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*Only compatible with SimpliSafe2

Do you have a SimpliSafe 2?

Look for the 2 on the bottom of your SimpliSafe wireless security system base station

Not sure which SimpliSafe model you have? Check the bottom of your base station for the number 2.