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SimpliSafe Patents

In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the following list hereby places the public on notice of SimpliSafe, Inc.’s rights in United States Patents associated with the following products. The following list further places the public on notice of SimpliSafe’s rights in any listed patents and designs in various other jurisdictions, including Europe, Canada, and China. SimpliSafe reserves the right to update this list from time to time without conceding any rights regarding patents not listed.

Last Updated: January, 2021

Product Name

Patent Number

All New SimpliSafe Components

Base Station

US D858497, D864929


US D844613, D844614, D844615

Key Fob

US D844971

Entry Sensor

US D848294

Temperature Sensor

US D848293

Glassbreak/Motion Sensors

US D852071, D852074

Water Sensor

US D848292


US D864779

Smart Lock Components


US D885865, D887248, D887249, D888537

Lock Pin Pad

US D902206, D902207

Video Doorbell Pro Components


US D850314, D850315, D853264

Doorbell Brackets/Wedge Adapters

US D850965, D850966

SimpliCam Components


US D817379, D817380, D818515, D819715

Camera Stand

US D844690

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