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As SimpliSafe continues to disrupt the market for home security solutions, we are interested in what customers and fans have to say about our products and services.  

SimpliSafe sincerely appreciates the suggestions and opinions from individuals. However, we can only accept information on a purely voluntary and non-confidential basis.  This means that none of the information shared with us is confidential or subject to any trade secret protections. Also, by making a submission you affirm that the content you provide to SimpliSafe is your own or you have the legal right to share it with us.  Further, you also understand and acknowledge that no confidential relationship exists between you and SimpliSafe.   As such, the received content will not be held in confidence for a number of reasons including: (a) the necessity to disclose the information to others for evaluation, (b) ongoing product development efforts, or (c) the information is already part of the public domain.  Therefore, it is understood and agreed that no information will be accepted under any obligations of confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-use, or use. 

In addition, SimpliSafe does not compensate individuals for unsolicited suggestions.  Making any submissions to SimpliSafe, you explicitly agree that SimpliSafe can use, practice, make, sell, have made, import, lease, or otherwise exploit or commercialize, any information contained in the submission. In the event that information received includes any intellectual property then you further agree to grant a fully paid-up, royalty-free worldwide and irrevocable license, without any further discussions, negotiations, or licenses required. 

This policy makes clear the expectations for unsolicited suggestions to avoid any misunderstandings with submitters about any of SimpliSafe’s future innovations to our products or services.  As such, SimpliSafe understands if you would rather not share your suggestions with us based on the terms and conditions described above.

Due to the volume of unsolicited ideas we receive, please understand that we cannot respond to (or necessarily even review) each and every submission, although they are appreciated.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you wish to submit a suggestion or otherwise share an opinion, please enter your information in the text field provided below. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your submission.