How to Get Safer with Sensor Names

Posted May 13th, 2013 by SimpliSafe

entry sensor on door frame

Ever see messages on your keypad like “Entry Sensor opened” and wonder “which one?!?”

When you name your sensors, you will never have to ask that question again.

More Knowledge = More Power

Naming your sensors is an incredible feature available to Interactive Monitoring subscribers. If you don’t have Interactive Monitoring, you can easily sign up at There are a few reasons why I name my sensors:

  1. Errors: these can arise if you try to arm a system with an open sensor or after a few years, when you need to replace a battery. It’s way easier to get an error message for your “front window sensor” than for “Sensor 1FC24J.” Sensor names tell you exactly where to go to fix the problem.

  2. Monitoring activity: when you want to use your Secret Alerts, for instance, or just to know which doors and rooms are being used.

How to Name Your Sensors:

1. Visit and log into your account. On the left hand-side of the page, you’ll see a list of tabs - Dashboard, Event Logs, etc. - you want to click Alarm Settings.

2. See where it says "Manage Your Sensors"? Here’s where you can start naming your sensors. 3. Give them names that will help you identify them: for example, “Living room window east” or “kitchen door.” 4. Enter the name, serial number, and your alarm setting preference, then press add.

  • Don’t remember the serial number for each sensor? No problem: you can find them written on the bottom of each sensor!

Naming your sensors gives you more control. And you’ll feel safer too, when you always know exactly where an alarm was triggered.