Quick Tip: Base Station’s Blue Light Provides Your Alarm Status

Posted January 28th, 2010 by SimpliSafe

By now many of you have grown familiar with the voice prompts and auditory cues your Base Station provides. Still some of you have asked: "Why is my Base Station flashing sometimes and glowing others?"

The blue light flashing visually prompts you to check your Keypad for warning details. One example is the flashing when your doors or windows are open. While the Base Station chimes once to alert you of an opening door or window, the flashing is continuous when that window or door remains open. This is particularly useful when you can't hear the chime. As one customer put it, "if I'm watching TV, vacuuming or listening to music that blue flashing really catches my attention."

The Base Station also glows a steady blue to let you know your alarm is armed in either Home or Away mode. The best part is the blue light glows for you but not for burglars. When the system is armed and a door is opened the blue light shuts off to ensure all the attention is on the beeping keypad, leaving your Base Station free to discreetly count down the seconds before wailing and alerting our Emergency Dispatch Center of an intrusion.

Don't feel you want the blue light to catch your eye? Just disable it with your Easy Set-up Wizard.