Quick Tip: What is a Duress PIN?

Posted May 11th, 2011 by SimpliSafe

A Duress PIN is a four-digit code that sends a covert “distress signal” to our alarm monitoring center. Whenever you enter your secret “Duress PIN” into your keypad, the system quietly sends your SOS signal to our monitoring center. We won't call your home, as we usually would to verify an alarm. Instead immediately dispatch the police straight to your home. You can enter this code into your keypad anytime to alert us of danger or use it if an intruder is forcing you to turn off your alarm.

To program your Duress PIN use our Easy Setup Wizard. Here's how:

  1. Pull the cap off of your Master Keychain Remote

  2. Insert the Keychain Remote’s USB into the top of the Base Station

  3. Follow the voice instructions of the Base Station, and only remove the Keychain Remote once you hear “You may now remove the Keychain Remote.”

  4. Insert the USB end of the Remote into your computer. Run the Easy Setup Wizard Software

  5. Enter your Master PIN to access the Wizard

  6. Once inside the Wizard click on “Adjust Settings” (the wizard will prompt you to sync your keychain with the base, but you’ve already done that in step 3 above, so just click continue)

  7. The first screen you will then see is your PIN screen, where you can program additional PINs as well as your Duress PIN

  8. Enter your desired Duress PIN and click Save Changes

  9. Wait 30 seconds to ensure all changes are saved to your Keychain Remote

  10. Pull the remote from your computer and re-insert it into your Base Station

  11. Once the synchronization is complete, pull out your Keychain Remote - Your Duress PIN will now be stored in your Base Station