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Pet Friendly

Keep your alarm system on, even when pets are around.

Motion Sensor doesn't detect small pets

Most pets less than 30-50 pounds won't be detected by the Motion Sensor. Simply place the sensor 5 feet off the ground (where your pets can't fiddle with it), and your cats or small dogs can comfortably laze or race around in your home without triggering an alarm.

Easy to test

SimpliSafe has a special test mode so that you can test all of your sensors, making it easy to determine if your pets are small enough to be around the Motion Sensor without causing a false alarm.

If you're having trouble positioning a sensor, our security specialists are available for a consultation.

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Bonus pet trick

With larger pets, you can still use a Motion Sensor with this special "trick." Normally, the Motion Sensor looks straight out and down towards the ground. By turning the sensor upside down it will instead look straight ahead and up. This way, you can place the sensor high enough where your pet can't trigger it, but low enough where a person would.