Let’s Work Together

SimpliSafe partners with Real Estate agents and professionals on the road to secure homes and safer communities.

Rewarding Real Estate Professionals

  • SimpliSafe’s mission is to make every home secure – from fires, floods, break ins - you name it! Our team has been proudly protecting homes & small businesses across the country for years - but still, only about half of US homes have a security system.

  • Our referral program allows Real Estate professionals to share SimpliSafe and earn commissions (Up to $300!) on the sale of new home security systems.

  • How it works

    1. Sign-up to become an affiliate (for free!) and get your unique link.

    2. Share your link with customers and clients via social media, email, or in daily conversations.

    3. Share your discount code to offer your customers and clients a great deal on SimpliSafe.

    4. Each time someone orders a new system through your link, SimpliSafe will pay you $300! 

  • Earn More

    • We’ll pay you on every qualifying system sale you make, as long as your unique link is used.

A Partnership That Works

“As a Realtor, I’m the first point of contact with home buyers as they visualize themselves living in the home. Besides concerns on remodeling the other concern is home safety.”

“Recently, I gifted my client a SimpliSafe system upon closing on her new home.  She loved how easy it was to install and appreciates that she can add to the system in the future.  The system is also great for Renters as there‘s nothing to nail into walls and they can take the system with them when they move.” - Tonia

“I have a list of recommendations for home warranty, landscaping, painting… it’s great to be able to diversify my offers for new homeowners!