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"Best Home Security of 2023"

“The Best Home Security System”

39,147+ reviews

“SimpliSafe is still the king”


"Best overall home security system 2021"


"One of the best DIY security systems just got better."

"Best Home Security Brand for 2021"


8,000+ reviews

“Best overall home security system 2021”


“This is one I’m hearing a lot about now. You don’t have to drill anything.”

Super Service Award

"…the Glassbreak Sensors can tell the difference between a window being broken and a smashed plate, while the Motion Sensors are tuned for detecting humans, ignoring pets in the process."

350,000+ fans

"Best overall home security system" four years running


"SimpliSafe delivers just what its name promises: a simple-to-install, simple-to-operate security system that can effectively protect your home."


“…boasts a cellular and Wi-Fi connection for added peace of mind, along with a backup battery capable of running for 24 hours.”