How to Get the Most From SimpliSafe for Real Estate Professionals

Posted June 24th, 2016 by SimpliSafe

Real Estate Professionals have a problem: how do you keep a property safe? Whether you’re its fixer-upper, a long-term investment, or multiple units you rent out, wireless home security can save the day. Alarm systems, like SimpliSafe, help you keep an eye on your property when you’re away, know when your staff comes and goes, and provide extra value to any tenants. With SimpliSafe, you can rest easy knowing that your property is safe, that your employees are coming and going when they’re supposed to, and that your pipes have not burst. But there’s even more.

Here are three tips and tricks to getting even more value out of your SimpliSafe security systems.

1) Maintenance PIN

The Maintenance PIN is a wonderful tool for anyone who has either multiple properties, or a staff. The Maintenance PIN is a PIN you can easily add into all of your alarm systems, that one can use to arm and disarm them, but does not give them access to the Keypad menu or Easy Setup Wizard, where they would be able to change the system’s settings. The Maintenance PIN also cannot be seen by a tenant, so though they can have control over their system (if you give them the Master PIN), they will not be able to see your PIN. You’ll always be able to access your units without compromising the safety of your tenants.

With Smart Alerts, you can also see when the PIN was used, to track your staff’s visits to your properties.

You can set up a Maintenance PIN through the Easy Setup Wizard, or if you have the Interactive Monitoring service, you can do this online through your customer account. In the Easy Setup Wizard, select “Adjust Settings”. The first option under this will allow you to add additional PINs. Add the Maintenance PIN under “PIN 5”. It will appear in asterisks. When you’re done, hit save and insert your keychain remote into your base station. If you’re using your online account, select “Alarm Settings”, and again adjust and save “PIN 5” as your desired maintenance PIN.

2) Freeze Alert before the Freeze

You can protect your properties from freeze and flood damage using SimpliSafe’s environmental sensors. But did you know you can set your Freeze Sensor to alert you BEFORE it freezes? You absolutely can. Set your Freeze sensor to alert you at 41 degrees, rather than 32. This way, you have plenty of time to get over to your property before disaster strikes. Nip it in the bud, and never have to worry about freezing pipes again.

How do you customize your Freeze sensor settings? You can do so through the Easy Setup Wizard, or if you have the , you can do through your customer account!

3) Don’t Panic

When you use your security system in your home, sometimes having a panic button helps you feel secure, even when your system is not armed. But when you’re running a business, you may not want an employee to accidentally hit the panic button and summon the police. Did you know you can disable these? You can turn off the panic button features on both the keychain remote and the keypad. Changes these settings through the Easy Setup Wizard or your online account and never worry about a false panic alarm again!

With these tricks, real estate professionals can use wireless security systems to protect their properties in the way that works best for them, and their individual needs. 

Protect your vacant homes the smart way. Try SimpliSafe today! Find out why real estate professionals are flocking to better, smarter real estate security.