Getting the Perfect Alarm System for your Home

Posted January 3rd, 2011 by SimpliSafe

Buyers guide home security

We know that each and every house is different. Often, pre-bundled packages just don’t provide adequate protection. All SimpliSafe home security systems are customizable to meet the specific needs of your home. 

Here’s a guide to help you choose the best security system and get just what you need. The good news is SimpliSafe is so easily customized that adding extra sensors later is a breeze. 1. Make a quick floor plan of the first floor of your house. 2. Count all the vulnerable entry points on the first floor – doors and windows that can be reached from the ground outside. For maximum protection get Entry Sensors for all vulnerable entrances. 3. Get at least 1 Motion Sensor for the first floor. It’s a valuable second layer of defense against a glass break entry. Consider the common areas of your house that have valuables, like your living room and dining rooms, or study with computer equipment. Add an extra Motion Sensor for more coverage. In the example above, the house is well protected with 2 Motion Sensors. 4. What about the second floor? In most cases all you need are good locks on your second floor windows. There are some exceptions to this rule: a. Do you have any door overhangs that make it easy for a burglar to hop up on them and slip open an upstairs window? If so, get an Entry Sensor for that window b. Do you have an outdoor trellis or large tree that a burglar could climb to get access to the second floor? If so, protect vulnerable windows with Entry Sensors, or consider a Motion Sensor for the second floor. c. Do you have a second floor porch that a burglar could jump and pull themselves up onto? If so, again consider all doors and windows this porch would make vulnerable and secure them with Entry Sensors. 5. Make sure to get a Panic Button for the Master Bedroom. We hope you never need it, but getting a Panic Button is an easy way to ensure help is at your fingertips, while you and your family sleep at night. 6. Get an Extra Siren. If you live in an apartment, our Base Station’s 85dB siren is plenty loud. For homes, the Extra 105dB Alarm Siren really adds powerful burglar deterrence. No one wants to hang around while your neighbors are peeping through their windows to see what’s going on.

We know that every house is different and getting the perfect burglar alarm is an important decision. Remember, it’s easy to add sensors later, so you really can’t go wrong with selecting a SimpliSafe Home Security System. 

Use our easy build-a-system tool to get the best alarm system for your home today.