Everything There is to Know About Your Keychain Remote

Posted February 20th, 2017 by SimpliSafe

Image of a Black Keyfob with three buttons - from left to right: off, home, and away

One of the things we pride ourselves on at SimpliSafe is the flexibility of our system. SimpliSafe was built to be customizable to any home, and any lifestyle. You can choose how to set up your system, how elaborate of a system you want, where the sensors go and how sensitive they are. You can even choose how you interact with your system on a daily basis.

There are three ways to control your system. You can use the Keypad as you enter and exit your home, and enter your PIN. You can, if you have Interactive Monitoring, arm and disarm your system from your app. This allows you to control your system from anywhere! And finally there’s the Keychain Remote.

A Tour of the Keychain Remote:

There are two kinds of Keychain Remotes that you can have. The main Keychain Remote that comes with your system is a USB Keychain Remote. This remote gives you access to the Easy Setup Wizard, where you can customize your system settings. When using the USB Keychain Remote, make sure to always plug it into your Base Station before you plug it into your computer. And once you finish, plug it back into the Base Station so that your settings are synchronized. Any Keychain Remote you get after this one will not have a USB on it.

Apart from the USB, both Keychain Remote types are exactly the same. They come with three buttons: Off, Away, and Panic. The cap on the end of the remote can be removed, and will then give you access to the back panel. Under that, you’ll find the battery as well as a serial number linking your remote to the system.

Customizing and Using Your Keychain Remote:

Your Keychain Remote offers you several options of customization. Let’s say you get a Keychain Remote for your children. But you don’t want the kids to accidentally push the panic button on the remote. You can disable the panic button for specific remotes account settings—while the Off and Away buttons remain the same.

The great thing about the Keychain Remote is that it’s small, and you can keep one wherever you like. Some good spots to consider are in the car next to the garage opener, or by your bed, for easy arming and disarming in the morning. On your keys is an obvious one, of course. And if you ever lose a Keychain Remote, or are worried that someone unsavory got their hands on it, simply remove it from your system. You'll also want to change your PINs, to be safe. You can do this either on your account or by giving us a call.

If you have suggestions for ways to use the Keychain Remote, or places to keep it, please share with us!

Bonus Tip:

The Keychain Remote has a secret power. If you press Off and Away together, you’ll arm your system in Home Mode!