What You Need to Know to Choose the Best Monitoring Plan

Posted April 1st, 2016 by SimpliSafe

You have an alarm system in place, you know that professional monitoring is the best way to go (who wants to worry what’s happening at home, just because you don’t have access your phone?), but you’re not sure what else you need. Basic monitoring service is a great introductory plan, and is perfect for those who don’t have a smartphone. Interactive Monitoring gives you more control over your system, including alerts and the ability to control it anywhere. But which monitoring option is the best for you?

What do all monitoring plans provide?

Both the Basic and Interactive Monitoring plans include a few key features. The monitoring plans are 24/7 Live Monitoring for burglary, and your environment, such as smoke and carbon monoxide. This service includes two calls to your primary contacts, dispatch of emergency services, and contacting up to five of your secondary contacts. You can select whatever persons or phone numbers you’d like as either your primary or secondary contacts! These numbers can be your family, your neighbors, your cell phone, and more! You can select what works best for you and change these numbers at any time.

The Basic and Interactive Monitoring plans also include a cellular connection from your base station to the monitoring service. This means you don’t need a landline to connect to the monitoring service. A cellular connect is fast and safe. No need to worry about a burglar cutting your land line before breaking in. The cellular connection is included in each monitoring plan for no additional charge!

What Does Interactive Monitoring Add?

The Interactive Monitoring service adds additional features to the Basic monitoring plan. These include Smart Alerts, Secret Alerts, and Online Command features.

Smart Alerts are text messages and emails sent to you, or your selected contacts, regarding your alarm system. You can select which you’d like to receive. You can receive alerts about alarms, errors, or activity! What does this mean? Well, it means you’ll know when your system is armed, and who disarmed it, by seeing who’s PIN was used! You can see when your pet sitter comes and goes, when your teenagers get home from school, and if you armed your system before you left for work. Also know the minute your alarm system has an error or if there’s an alarm event. You’ll always be alerted.

Secret Alerts are like Smart Alerts private alerts on specific sensors you set up around your home. These alerts are perfect when you don’t want to trigger an alarm event, but want to know when they’re tripped. When a sensor is set to Secret Alert, it will not trigger the siren or police dispatch, but it will send you a text message or email. These alerts are perfect for places like a liquor cabinet, where you don’t want your teenagers in, but don’t need police dispatch either. You’ll know that the cabinet door was opened, that someone walked by your motion sensors, and much more, and no one will be the wiser. You can be very creative with Secret Alerts! We’ve even seen someone place an entry sensor (set to Secret Alert) on his tv, so he’s know if his roommates had moved it!

Online Command is one of our favorite Interactive Monitoring features, allowing you to control your system from anywhere with Internet access. That means you can disarm your system from your smartphone to let your family member in when they call to let you know they’ve arrived for their weekend visit. It means that you can remotely add and remove sensors through your online account from your work computer. Online Command also lets you give nicknames to your sensors. Never wonder what sensor that serial number belongs to again. Name your PINs and know exactly who comes and goes when. Online Command means that you have complete control over your system, even when you’re away.

Which plan is best for you?

When you’re deciding which plan works best for you- consider your needs and your personality type. Do you have a smartphone? Will you utilize a smartphone app? Are you someone who likes to keep tabs on your family members? Are you someone who likes to be in control? Or are you a “set it and forget it” type person? Do you like things to be quick and easy?

If you’re someone who likes to explore all the features of technology, and make it work best for your needs, or if you’re someone with a busy home, the Interactive Monitoring plan might be the one for you. Basic monitoring is a great plan for those new to monitoring, who appreciate simplicity, and like knowing that their home is always protected, without the need to have an app. But the great thing about SimpliSafe is that you always have the choice. If you decide on one monitoring plan, and find that it doesn’t quite meet your needs, you can change your monitoring at any time. And you can do this whenever you like, and whenever you need. Monitoring works for your needs.

Which plan do you prefer? Share in your thoughts in the comments!