Taking SimpliCam to the Next Level

Posted August 18th, 2017 by SimpliSafe

SimpliCam Integration

SimpliCam is designed to provide peace of mind, so you never have to wonder what’s going on at home while you’re away. But SimpliCam becomes even more powerful when paired with your SimpliSafe system. In addition to all of the incredible standard features that we outlined here, you have the option to add a subscription to your SimpliCam and take it to the next level.

SimpliCam Subscription:

With the $4.99/month subscription plan, your camera can do some pretty cool things, the most important being recording. You know that you can live view your camera at any time, but with a subscription your camera will also record 60 second clips anytime it detects motion. If something triggers the camera it will automatically record and send you a Push Notification that something is going on. This is particularly important if the camera is set off by an intruder, so that you can capture their face to show to the police.

You’ll also be able to manually record for 60 seconds through the SimpliSafe app. If you see something happening on camera (whether it be an intruder or just your dog doing something awesome) you will be able to capture that clip with the push of a button. From there, recordings are stored in SimpliSafe Cloud Storage for 30 days. You can also download and share clips across devices as you like.

This subscription is available regardless of whether or not you have a SimpliSafe security system.

SimpliCam and SimpliSafe Integration:

Another way your camera can start to record is if you have an integrated SimpliSafe system. If any sensor is tripped, the camera will start recording for 5 minutes. This will also trigger a notification to your phone, allowing you easy access to the footage or, if the event is still happening, the live view. Your camera will also record when your system is armed or disarmed, so you can see exactly what’s going on.

When your camera captures the video of an alarm, it automatically tags on a few seconds of video leading up to that alarm (called pre-roll). This feature gives you and the authorities a fuller picture of what happened before and during every alarm. Be sure to leave the privacy shutter open during the times you would like this feature to work.

The Ultimate Protection:

If you are signed up for SimpliSafe's Interactive Monitoring plan, you will also have the opportunity to get Visual Verification for your integrated SimpliCam. This important new security feature lets SimpliSafe’s interactive monitoring center access your camera’s video footage during an alarm. With eyes on your home, our trained security professionals can confirm a break-in faster and ensure help is on the way. And of course, our professional monitoring staff can only access your camera during an alarm.

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