How Away Mode Keeps Your Home Safe When You're Not There

Posted October 9th, 2015 by SimpliSafe

Ah, “Away Mode”, a security system classic. This is what one typically thinks of when they imagine a home security system: a way to protect your home and valuables when you’re not there to do it yourself. Away Mode is made particularly for this. Last time, we covered all your questions about Home Mode, a way to protect you and your loved ones (and your valuables too!) when you’re in your house. This week, we’re covering all your questions about Away Mode, the original motivation for home security!

What’s Armed in Away Mode?

The easy answer is: everything! Unlike Home Mode, where you may have someone walking around your house and shouldn’t trip an alarm, Away Mode is designed to go off if anything goes bump in the night. That means that your Entry Sensors, Motion Sensors, Glassbreak Sensors, and Panic Buttons are armed and ready.

How Do You Arm Your System in Away Mode?

There are many ways to arm your system in Away Mode. You can do so through your Keypad, Keychain Remote, or if you have the Interactive Monitoring Plan you can do so through your customer account or your smart phone app. Once you press the “Away” button on any of these devices, your system will give you an exit delay. This period will allow you to leave your home without setting off the alarm. Once the exit delay is over, your system will be completely armed.

How Do You Disarm Your System in Away Mode?

When you come home, whether it's from an evening out, a day at the office, or a week long vacation, and your system is in Away Mode, there are a few ways to disarm your system. If you trip your alarm, by opening the door etc., you’ll have what’s called an entry delay. This is a period that allows you to come in and disarm your system. If you do not disarm your system in this time, it will trigger an alarm event, sound the siren, and if you have monitoring service, alert the dispatcher.

So how do you prevent this from happening? Like arming your system, you can press the off button on your keychain remote, or your smart phone app. You can do these from outside your home, or inside. You can also enter your home and disarm your system by entering your PIN on the keypad.

Away Mode is a great feature that allows you to know that your home is safe when you’re off living your life. When your system is armed in Away Mode, you never have to worry.