Terry and Alex: Battles With the Elements

Posted January 6th, 2017 by SimpliSafe

We’ve shared with you statistics and numbers about the threats your home faces. We’ve given you tips and tricks to be better protected. Now we want to share some real customer stories with you, because sometimes experiences speak for themselves. Two of our customers reached out to us about their experiences with SimpliSafe. Here’s what they had to say.

The first story comes from Terry B:

3:59am on December 16, 2016 SimpliSafe’s fire siren alarm rang, we also received an immediate call from the dispatch center. When the Simplisafe dispatcher confirmed there was a fire they called 911 . If we had not heard that alarm we would not have gotten out. We both have hearing disabilities and do not hear a standard smoke alarm. We got out of our home just moments before it was fully engulfed in flames. Thank you so much. We are here today because of the quality of your product and the dependability of your dispatcher.

We are so pleased that Terry’s family is safe. Fires are particularly common in the winter, so it’s important to take extra care during December, January, and February. The SimpliSafe Smoke Detectors will trigger your alarm if they sense a fire, and our Monitoring Center will then dispatch the Fire Department. It’s also important to regularly test and clean your Smoke Detectors.

Our next story comes from Alex K:

Our Simplisafe Water Sensor alarm notified us and I got home just in time to save our water heater and central air from damage. Our sump pump float got stuck and water built up in the basement during a huge rain storm while I was at work. I got the pump working just before it reached the circuit board on our water heater. Simplisafe is a lifesaver

Alex also included the above photo for us to share. The SimpliSafe Water Sensor is one we hear most about. It’s amazing how costly water damage can be. The Water Sensor is great for sump pumps, basements, and for putting next to the fridge. In case of a leak, it will notify you with an alarm and a phone call from the Monitoring Center.

Do you have a story you would like to share with us? We would love to hear it! You can submit stories to us here.