The 9 Best Times to Buy a Home Security System

Posted August 14th, 2014 by SimpliSafe

What's the best time to buy a home security system? You might think you know the answer: when you buy a home. But we believe there isn't just one correct answer to that question. Easy installation and affordability have placed alarm systems as a "must have" in many situations. Here are some of the best times for you to snap up your alarm system.

1. You Just Got a Kitten (or a Puppy):

Your puppy is loyal to you. He might bark when he hears someone at your door, and a potential burglar may go no further. Many dogs quickly become a layer of security for a home, but a dog shouldn't be your only source of protection. Your puppy is still little, and you need to protect him just as much! He’s still learning, and he needs your help. 

There's a myth floating around that people with pets can't take advantage of home security systems with motion sensors. Good news, pet owners! You too can have a security system! Many alarms, like SimpliSafe, will not pick up small animals! For larger animals, you can configure your security system to not pick them up! And an added bonus: a system with door alarm will let you know if any small children have left an escape route open for your barking Houdini.

2. You Just Moved:

You’re moving into a new apartment. You have a full van of all your earthly possessions sitting in your new driveway. You might remember to leave a person to guard the truck, but you still need to move all your valuables into your house, past any number of prying eyes. Whenever you move, everything you own is right out in the open, and anyone can take a peek.

Another myth is that home security systems aren't a feasible option for rentals. Alarm systems once meant holes in the wall and a lost security deposit. Not anymore. SimpliSafe was designed with apartments in mind, and uses 3M Command Strips, so you don’t need to make any holes! Now, you can rest easy knowing that your apartment is safe.

3. You Just Bought Really Nice Equipment:

The whole neighborhood knows about your new Bose speakers, your new television, your amazing motorcycle shining like a gem through your garage windows. When you get nice stuff, you immediately want to share the experience with your friends and neighbors. You got those speakers so you could listen to jazz with Ms. Across The Way, not so you could hide in fear of someone untoward knowing you've got them and stealing them. While you're showing off your new gear, show off your new affordable burglar alarm. It's just as cool, and you want word spreading. Take extra precaution too: cut up the box before placing it on the curb. This way, the only people who know about your new toy are the people you’re sharing it with.

4. You're Going on Vacation:

This one is a 'why worry?' moment. Why waste your vacation wondering if someone got into your house? If that one picture on Facebook of you on the beach has signaled to a villainous lout that you're not at home and that your house is unguarded? The Facebook Burglar used social media to tell when a family was on vacation by their status updates. He knew that he would have an easier time breaking in (and less of a chance of being caught) if no one was around to walk in on him. Most burglaries take place when no one is home, and vacation means long stretches of time when no one is checking in. The easy solution: don't leave your house unguarded. Grab an alarm system and alarm monitoring service and you'll know about anything that happens while you're away.. Peace of mind. Surf's up.

5. You've Got a New Roommate:

A new roommate can come with baggage: a crazy ex, borrowing your things and forgetting to take out the trash. So even if you are very careful with your security, there's no guarantee that your roommate is going to be just as careful. An alarm system will remind her, and you can always be in control of your apartment from wherever you are. And she definitely doesn't know the neighbors yet, or that you don't have a monthly exterminator coming in. Yep, that actually happens too. There are a number of cases where burglars pose as service professionals to case the joint.They unlock a window or a back door and come back later. Make sure you and your roommate are always in communication about your apartment and visitors, and grab an alarm system to make sure that your apartment is as safe as houses.

6. The Classic: You Just Bought a House:

This one really is the classic — your home is your castle, and now a landlord isn't partially responsible for helping you get back on your feet if someone breaks in. You are your own landlord. Plus burglars love people who are new to their neighborhoods — how are any of your neighbors supposed to know that the person carting a television out of your house isn't your Uncle Eddie who promised to take that one to make room for your new one? While you're developing a relationship with your neighbors, cultivating your strategic landscaping and installing your motion activated floodlights, get a security system. Burglars will assume that a new family in a home will not have had a chance to install a security system yet. Prove them wrong and install your DIY alarm system right away. 

7. You're Getting Married:

Twice the people, twice the stuff. Do you plan to announce your wedding in the local paper? Or how about even on your Facebook? Much like a vacation announcement, a wedding announcement announces two things to the world: an influx of potentially very nice (expensive) wedding gifts and a week-long absence due to honeymoon. A burglar's dream. But the thing is, it’s no fun to not publicly celebrate such a joyous occasion with your friends and family. No one is going to tell you to keep the countdown off of Facebook because these kind of momentous occasions. That's what it's all about. A security system is a good way to ensure that your wedding week won't result in a month long ordeal of itemizing stolen items and changing the locks. Don't let the few thieves in the world prevent you from having an amazing time.

8. You're Having A Baby:

We don't need to tell you: your child was alive for just a quarter of a second when your excitement mixed with dread, responsibility and the sense that the entire world was out to get him. On the bright side, the entire world isn't out to get him. But reason isn't exactly what your gut is listening to right now. And that's okay. It's better to be extra safe anyway, when it comes to your beautiful newborn. You will feel better. If you get a security system that expands and allows you to customize, you can change your configuration as your family grows. As your baby grows into a toddler (who is newly-mobile, full of curiosity and a master of destruction), you can add sensors to windows, doors and even to cabinets containing hazardous substances so you know when someone's little hands have opened something they shouldn't have. You can also add smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, to make sure your family is safe and alert of anything that may happen in your house.

9. Right Now:

Why wait for the 'right' time? The truth is, the best time to get a home security system is before you need it. Not after. And you never know! Getting a home security system is like wearing a seat belt on an airplane — statistically, you're probably not going to crash. But wearing that seatbelt will drastically improve the outcome if you do, so we wear them when we fly. So as you're flying through life, wear the seat belt that is a home security system. And put it on before you need the emergency landing.

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