Home Security Landscaping - Nature's Home Security System

Posted April 30th, 2012 by SimpliSafe

Did you know that your landscaping choices can contribute to a burglary? When people think of home security, what usually comes to mind is burglar alarms, deadbolts, and fortified door frames. No one ever thinks about the back yard (or the lawn that hasn’t been mowed in weeks). However, all these things have a lot to do with your home’s security. 

Burglars are always looking for an “easy score,” so when they pick a home it’s not done at random. Burglars are very picky, and believe it or not, the landscaping of a home is a determining factor. Regrettably, not all homes are burglar-resistant, but the landscaping of your home could defend your home from a possible intruder. The less you make your home look like a vulnerable target, the safer you are.

Anytime a burglar thinks about breaking into a home, one of the first things that he needs to do is to “scope” out a neighborhood. Burglars will look for anything from un-mowed lawns, piled up newspapers, or one that looks unoccupied. The easiest thing to look for is the landscaping. They are looking for a home with the least visibility from the street and nosy neighbors. The last thing a burglar wants to deal with is a nosy neighbor.

When “scoping” out a home, here are 4 things a burglar looks for:

  • Tall Privacy Fencing

    – Burglars can get exceptional cover from high fencing, especially when they’re trying to hide from your neighbors.

  • Trees or Bushes

    – Any type of high plant life, like shrubbery or trees concealing your windows permits a burglar to break them without being caught.

  • An Un-Mowed Lawn

    – This gives the impression that the homeowner is away on trip. This gives an open invitation to a burglar.

  • The Kids Toys Left on the Lawn

    – Toys or playground equipment left on the lawn or yard are a giveaway that kids reside here... which in many instances means a mother lives there which means:


Here are 3 suggestions that will make any burglar think twice about choosing your home for a burglary: 

  1. Shrubbery, Trees, and Hedges

    – When picking out a potential target, they will look for a property with thick shrubbery or tall hedges. The reason behind this is because a burglar will use the hedge to conceal himself as he spies out the items in your home. A burglar can also see if you have a burglar alarm, and if he’s lucky, he can even see the pin number you enter into your keypad. Also, they can hide here until the home is empty. When the coast is clear, it’s out of their hiding spot and into your home!

  2. Trimming down your hedges is your safest bet if these surround your property. The goal is to have them trimmed down to a point where it’s possible to see your neighbors, and anyone walking by your home. Unfortunately you’ll lose some privacy, but on the other hand, you’re giving a burglar less places to conceal himself.

  3. Security Plant Life

    – If you don’t like the idea of having your privacy trimmed away, a good substitute is to plant roses or another type of thorny bush around your doors and windows. Plus, who doesn't like the smell of roses? Having these security measures in place will deter any burglar from running into the thorn bush.

  4. There’s a wide variety of security plant life available for your home. Blackberry vines are your best choice for fences. They are thorny and grow fast, and they also produce a seasonal fruit. Upright Juniper and Barberry grow into thick barriers and their prickly foliage limits where one can hide. Ocotillo can fill in an exposed area of a rock garden. Firethorn and Holly are agreeable to the eye, thorny and require the minimal amount of care. If you live in a dryer climate, Spanish bayonet and Needle Bush are a good substitute.

  5. Gravel

    – This can be a great way to boost up the security to your lawn or yard. Laying gravel under your windows can deter a burglar. Burglars like to go undetected, and having gravel around your property can make his presence known. If you were a burglar, would you want your footsteps being heard by the homeowner or neighbor? The gravel can give a preemptive warning of a possible break-in.

In closing, the landscaping of your home has huge significance to burglars. Keeping up with the basic maintenance of your lawn or yard could mean a safer home for your family and loved ones. The tips provided above are excellent ways to deter a burglar from your home. At the end of the day, the best proven method of protecting your home is certainly having a wireless security system installed. Burglars are out there, and they are looking for the next easy target. Don’t let that be you!