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How do I fix a "Sensor Not Responding" or "Sensor Error"? (Original)

Your SimpliSafe wireless security system monitors all of the sensors registered to it to make sure that they are operating correctly. If it cannot communicate with one of the sensors, it will warn you: the Base Station will announce "sensor not responding" and your Keypad will display "Sensor Error" and let you know the sensor # that is not responding.

There are several reason you might be experiencing this error:

  • You haven't activated the batteries for one of your sensors. This is the most common reason for a sensor error for a system that was recently set up. All of the sensors in your system were preprogrammed into your Base Station before it was shipped to you. If you do not use one of the sensors and never activate its batteries, the Base Station will not be able to communicate with it. You can solve this problem by installing the sensor and activating its batteries or by removing the sensor from your system.
  • The sensor's battery is not inserted correctly. Occasionally a sensor battery will be inserted in the wrong orientation or have a poor contact (perhaps some of the battery activation tab remained behind when you removed it). Please try removing and re-inserting the battery, making sure to orient it correctly .
  • The sensor is too far from the Base Station. If your sensor and Base Station are very far apart, or if there is very thick wall in between, the wireless connection may not be strong enough. This problem can often be overcome by repositioning the sensor or moving the Base Station to a more central location in your home.
  • The sensor's battery is too weak. When a sensor's battery approaches the end of its useful life (after about 5 years) its wireless signal strength may decrease. At this point SimpliSafe will start warning you that the sensor is not responding and you should change the batteries.

If the troubleshooting tips above do not solve your problem, please be sure to contact customer support for assistance.