5 Ways to Secure Your Basement and Keep Burglars Out

Posted July 23rd, 2014 by SimpliSafe

When you think of your home’s security, you may first consider your first floor doors and windows, maybe even a panic button, but it’s important to remember to protect your basement too! Basements can be an easy entry point for a burglar, so it’s important to make yours the foundation of your home security. With a few steps, your basement will be fortified and will deter any potential burglar from even trying to break in to your home!

1. Make Sure Your Basement Windows Are Visible:

Shrubbery is your worst enemy. It can make your house look nice and well tended, but it can provide an easy cover for burglars. Basement windows are particularly vulnerable to the hiding powers of shrubs. It doesn’t take long before cuttings and seeds become bushes and flowers, and your windows are no longer seen. Bushes provide ample coverage burglar to break-in, giving him more time, and no one will notice. Consider this when you’re planting your garden and its future maintenance! Make sure to trim back your bushes so that your basement windows are visible, and it will significantly lower the likelihood of break-ins.

2. Secure Your Window With Bars:

Security bars are a great way to make sure that a burglar rules out your home immediately. Security bars will deter criminals, and create a physical obstacle to prevent them from breaking in. Window bars come in many shapes and styles. Permanent bars are often the safest, and are for long term use, however, there are other types! Swing-away bars are locked down by a mechanism internally, so they cannot be unlocked from the outside, or often they can be secured by a padlock. The bars can swing open to provide egress in emergencies, or access the window. Removable bars let you secure the window when you’d like- you can use it just at night, or when you’re on vacation! They’re quick and easy to install, and act as a great layer of protection for your home.

3. Install Security Film to Your Windows:

If bars aren't your style, try using security film. If the window is hit by an object, the glass will be held in place by the film, and the burglar will be prevented from easily accessing your home! There are many types of security film, and it can often be installed yourself. It's a great weekend project! Security film can also help protect your home in the case of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane!

4. Use Your Security System:

A home security system is a great way to protect your basement whether you’re home or away. It can act as both a further deterrent to make sure burglars stay away, and in case they do, it will make sure you, the neighborhood and the authorities are alerted. Place a window decal on these windows to let the would-be burglar know that your house is armed! With SimpliSafe, you can add an entry sensor to the window or a glass break sensor in the basement. If the burglar does try to open your window now armed with an entry sensor, the alarm will trigger. If you have monitored alarm service, the monitoring company will give you a call and then can dispatch the police, and the siren will alert your entire neighborhood! The burglar isn’t going to stick around then! By installing a glass break sensor in your basement, the alarm will be triggered if a burglar breaks the window!

5. Keep Your Home Secure From The Inside:

If you have high basement windows, make sure you're not helping a burglar into your home. Keep chairs and other furniture he can use to climb down away from the windows. Obstructing his path will make your home a far greater challenge.

Lastly, remove the temptation! Make sure the burglar isn’t able to see valuables in your basement. You can check this yourself from the outside to make sure these are out of sight. If a burglar can't see anything he wants to steal, it’s not worth it. With all the measures you have in place, he’ll just try another house instead.

Basement security is an important step to making sure your home is secure. With a few easy steps, you can make sure that your home is not desirable for a potential burglar. Once you make sure you’re not providing him a helping hand, and deter his efforts with bars and window decals, you can sleep easy knowing that your home and basement are safe.

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