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Questions and Answers:

  • Will the motion sensor detect motion through walls or windows?

    No, Motion Sensors for your wireless security system will not detect motion through walls or most closed windows. You can put SimpliSafe in test mode using the Keypad menu system to make sure your Motion Sensors are working correctly in your home.

  • Can I customize my system so that certain sensors are enabled or disabled?

    To customize the sensors for your wireless security system, simply insert your Keychain Remote into any computer to start the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard. From the Main Menu, select "Adjust Settings". Then click on the "Manage Components" tab.

    From here, you can not only add and remove components, but you can also designate when a sensor will be active.  Entry Sensors can be enabled or disabled.  Motion Sensors can be enabled during both Home and Away mode, only during Away mode, or disabled.  Panic Buttons can be enabled, disabled or set to silent alarm.  Keypads and Keychain Remotes can be enabled, have the panic button disabled, or be fully disabled.

    For example, if you have a friend with a large dog visiting your apartment for a few days, you may want to disable your Motion Sensor (set it to be "disabled") during her visit. When she leaves, you can change it back to the previous setting (the default is "Away mode"). If you have a large dog and will likely never be using the Motion Sensor at all, you can select "Remove" to remove it from your system. You can always add it on again later by going to Manage Components and then "Add Component".

    Don't forget to insert your Keychain Remote into the Base Station after you are finished changing your settings so that your system is fully updated for the changes.

  • What are the components that make up the SimpliSafe Home Security System?
    • Base Station: The Base Station is the control center of the system. It wirelessly connects to the Emergency Dispatch Service to notify you and the authorities of any trouble. The Base Station also provides voice prompts during daily operation and sounds the alarm siren in the event of an intrusion. No home telephone line is required (although may use a land-line as an alternate connection if you like).
    • Keypad: The Keypad is placed by the main entrance to your home. It allows you to turn your alarm on and off; tells you which mode the alarm is currently in; provides notice of any warnings, such as leaving a window open; and also has a panic button for emergencies. You can also use the Keypad Menu to adjust your system settings.
    • Keychain Remote: The Keychain Remote can be used to turn your alarm on and off and is small enough to be carried with you as a keychain. It also has a panic button for emergencies. The SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard is stored on the Keychain Remote. You can order additional Keychain Remotes for roommates or family members.
    • Motion Sensor: A Motion Sensor detects motion up to 30 feet away and 45 degrees to the left and right. It should not detect pets under 50 pounds as long as the pet can’t get within 2 feet of the sensor. By default, the Motion Sensor is only active when the system is in the Away mode and becomes active approximately 5 minutes after the alarm is turned on.
    • Entry Sensor: An Entry Sensor detects the opening of a window or door. There are two parts to an Entry Sensor: the Sensor itself and its corresponding magnet.
    • Panic Button: The Panic Button triggers your burglar alarm immediately after it is pressed. It should be placed in a location that is easy to reach in the event of an emergency, such as by your bed. To reduce the likelihood of a false alarm, the button must be held down for 1 second. The Panic Button is functional whether the alarm is off or on. There is also a panic button on the Keypad and Keychain Remote.
  • How do I avoid false alarms?

    There are several things you can do to avoid the most common causes of false alarms for your SimpliSafe wireless security system:

    • Make sure that anyone who needs to have access to your home (such as your landlord or housekeeper) has a PIN. If you don’t want to give them your Master PIN, you can create a separate PIN for them using the Easy Setup Wizard.
    • Do not place Motion Sensors near a heater or air conditioner, or facing an open window. You should also avoid placing a Motion Sensor on top of, or immediately adjacent to, other electronic devices such as a WiFi router. If you have large pets, contact customer support (1-888-95-SIMPLI) for assistance customizing your installation.
    • Make sure that a rattling window or door does not trigger an Entry Sensor. Each magnet should be as close as possible to the grooves on the Entry Sensor.
    • If you re-enter your home after turning your alarm on (for example, if you forgot something inside), turn the alarm off and back on or at least make sure that the entry delay is still counting down and you have plenty of time to leave without setting off your alarm.
    • When exiting your home, make sure to use the "away" mode so that your system will give you an exit delay before it turns on. If you need to leave your home but put it in the "home" mode, you must open the door you are leaving through before putting the system in home mode. Otherwise, when you open the door to leave, it will set off your alarm.

    If you’re still having trouble with false alarms, please contact SimpliSafe customer support.

  • Can I turn the system on when my pets are home?
    Yes, the Motion Sensors from the SimpliSafe Wireless Security System will generally not detect small pets (less than 30-50 pounds). If they are larger, your pet may set off the Motion Sensor and cause a false alarm. Even if they are smaller than 30 pounds, you must make sure that they cannot get within 2 feet of the Motion Sensor. Place the sensor high up (usually 5 feet works well) and away from anything your pets might climb on. If your pets walk in front of the Motion Sensor coming down stairs or walking on a table or bookcase, they may set the alarm off. It’s a good idea to test the system with your pet and confirm that your pet is small enough to be around the Motion Sensor. If you have a large pet, please contact customer support for assistance. We can help you position the sensor so as not to detect your pet or disable your Motion Sensor so that your pet can move around freely. More about Customizing Sensors.
  • Does it matter if I put the Panic Button on the wall or can I set it on a shelf/table? How about the Motion Sensor?

    You can place the Panic Button anywhere in your home, but we recommend you use the adhesive tape. This will help make sure that it does not get moved by accident so you’ll always know where it is in an emergency.

    You can set the Motion Sensor for your burglar alarm on a shelf or adhere it to a wall, as long as it is in a safe place and faces the room that you want to cover.

  • How many Motion Sensors do I need in my home? Does it matter if I have 2 Motion Sensors pointing at each other?
    You need a Motion Sensor for each room you would like to protect. The Motion Sensor will not “look” through walls. You can point Motion Sensors at each other – this is not a problem. The burglar alarm will sound if anyone walks within range of your Motion Sensors.