SimpliSafe for Seniors: Keeping Mom and Dad Safe

Posted September 2nd, 2019 by SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe was created so that anyone, anywhere could be protected and feel safe. Even though loved ones or professionals from sites like Senior Advice might keep track of a senior's health, we want everyone to be able to take charge of their own security, and that includes those that might not be as tech savvy. There’s a reason we say “even an 8 year old” can install a SimpliSafe. (Though who am I kidding, most 8 year olds are more tech savvy than I am these days.) We believe that home security should to be easy to install and easy to manage, especially for those who might be more vulnerable in an emergency.

Protecting the Elderly from Burglary:

Luckily, crime rates against elderly persons are lower than against younger persons. And they aren’t as likely to experience violent crime. However, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, elderly people face a higher ratio of property crime compared to violent crimes. In fact, 1 out of every 5 victims of burglary are over 65. This means that grandma’s home could be seen as an easy target, and makes it extra important to keep the place protected.

That's why our founder, Chad Laurans, made SimpliSafe sensors extremely easy to install. To mount them, just peel and stick! And once your system is all set up, arming and disarming is simple and can be done with just a push of a button. Plus, you can choose which button is most convenient for you: use our app, the Keypad, or the Keychain Remote. Everything has clear labels so that you never confuse “Off” and “Away”.

You can also adjust settings to allow for more or less time to disarm the system. There’s even a Home versus Away option, so that when someone is home they are still safe. And if you want to check in on your parents, you can always do so from anywhere using our app. You can even be listed as a secondary contact, so if anything happens our Monitoring Center will call you.

Mitigating Environmental Threats:

Unfortunately, burglary isn’t the only threat to the elderly. Fires, floods, leaks, and freezes don’t care about age. And we understand it can be tough to keep an eye on the whole home. Our hazard sensors integrate with our system. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors will trigger not just their own sirens, but the system siren as well - so there’s no need to worry about not hearing the alarm. The Base Station will let you know if your Freeze Sensor notices a drop in temperature or if the Water Sensor detects a leak. With our Interactive Monitoring, you can receive text and email notifications about this. So if your loved ones misses an alert at their home, you can be sure to follow-up on it to make sure they’re safe and the house is undamaged.

Are You Ready for Your SimpliSafe Security System?

If you ever have questions about setting up a SimpliSafe, or need help determining what you need, please give us a call! And if you just bought your parents a system for Christmas and they need help installing it, have them reach out to us. We’re always happy to help.